Tomato cheddar fondue

Tomato cheddar fondue

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Question by rice puppy: i just gave my dog tomatoes?
its the small kind
they are red and sweet
small red tomatoes
he ate 3
hes 5 pds
is he gonna be ok?
cause i just read that dogs cant eta tomatoes
they also said they cant eat the green parts
but not the ripe parts
i gave him 3 super small ones
the size of a oval penny
right now hes acting fine

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Answer by btdt
Dogs can eat red ripe tomatoes. Only the green parts of the plant, and green tomatoes, are toxic.

Edit: We discovered our first dog was eating cherry tomatoes right off the plant. We fenced in the garden because we wanted them all to ourselves.

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  1. Why wouldn’t you call your vet to ask?? They’re the experts and if the amount you’ve given your dog is toxic to him, they would need to know anyway because you’d have to take him in. Call them now, don’t waste your time on Yahoo.

    Tomatoes (plant and fruit) contain tomatine, an alkaloid related to solanine. As the fruit ripens, the tomatine is metabolized. Therefore, ripe tomatoes are less likely to be problematic for animals. Clinical signs of poisoning include lethargy, drooling, difficulty breathing, colic, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, widely-dilated pupils, paralysis, cardiac effects, central nervous system signs (e.g., ataxia, muscle weakness, tremors, seizures), resulting from cholinesterase inhibition, coma and death. (This information comes from veterinarians, and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.) (All parts of the plant except the tomato itself are poisonous to humans, although some people are sensitive to the ripe fruit also.)

  2. only 1 at a time they might upset his stomach with all the acid thats in them.

  3. They are poison to dogs, and should not be given to them since it makes them sick.

    If he starts throwing up, take him to the vet because he could be having an allergic reaction, or needs medication to help calm his stomach from the acid in the tomatoes.

    I really do not know why you did not know that since you own a dog, that’s very ignorant of you to do.

    It won’t kill him, it is probably just going to make him very sick since he is 5 pounds. Dogs naturally eat grass if they feel sick to help them vomit, so if he starts doing that, it’s fine. Give him a lot of water, and maybe some bread to soak in the toxins and absorb some of the tomato’s acidic properties.

  4. Red ripe tomatoes will not harm your dog. Don’t feed too many though otherwise he might have diarrohea.

    The leaves and stems of tomato plants are the most toxic followed by unripe (green) tomatoes.

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