Tomato cluster. Red cherry

Tomato cluster. Red cherry

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Question by life is good: How many cherry/grape tomatoes are there in a pint container?
I’m having a party on Friday night and plan to do Caprese Skewers (cherry/grape Tomato, basil, and a mini mozeralla ball on a skewer).

I’m trying to figure out how many pints I should buy so I’ll be able to make enough.. so does anyone know?
If you don’t know…… why bother answering. I hate when people do that.

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Answer by flacosalsa
no clue…they are soled by the pound

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  1. ahhhh sorry. I’ve been using my Iphone to vblog lately. The DSLR makes a
    great video but it’s discouraging because of the size it takes so long to
    upload. With the iphone it takes just a seconds. I will try to get it fix
    soon. Thank you for watching, tkguyok. -UD :)

  2. Beautiful clusters. Only one problem, your sound was low. Watched both of
    your videos and had my volume wide open and could hardly hear you.

  3. I think around 40

  4. They will vary for each pkg. How many people do you want to do it for? For 20 people I would probably buy 2 containers, this should give probably give each person at least 2 skewers.

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