Tomato Concasse

Tomato Concasse

This video teaches the preparation of an essential condiment within cooking. The hot version of this has a way of making everything it’s used with taste good.
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Question by Dottie: Has anybody got tomatoes yet?
My plants here in Indiana are huge and big as softballs but there still green why don’t I have ruby red tomatoes? This is my first year is there going to be enough time ?Its August!

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Answer by Prophet 1102
Ours have just started coming on. They seemed a little late this year.

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  1. Thank you…Great vid!!!

  2. Great advice. Love your videos. Thanks!

  3. Yes the cold version is the standard. If you cook the cold version is it
    still concasse? Yes, it’s a cooked version of the same cut.

  4. Great basics instruction

  5. Hi, when you see tomato concasse in a recipe, do you tend to use this
    cooked variant? some websites say a tomato concasse is simply a raw
    peeled/deseeded/chopped tomato.

  6. yes depends when you planted, I started mine in early may and they produced ripe fruit about the beginning of July, if yours are big as softballs they must be beefsteaks they take the longest to ripen, try a different variety next year a medium sized tomatoe

  7. Lots and lots. I planted romas and grape tomatoes and we’ve been harvesting more than we can eat. All of my coworkers love it when I bring in some of the extras to share.

  8. WE got a few so far here in N.M. but not like last year. I have six plants hope to have more in a few days. We had a lot of yellow squash

  9. My first one will be red in a day or two. I cant wait. My first year with a garden.

  10. I live in Chicago and I am just starting to get them. You have to consider the weather we have had. They will get there. When they do you will get them all at once. Start planning what you will do with them all. :)

  11. I live in South Carolina & I picked my first tomato a month ago. (different climate & soil) Give it some time & your tomatoes will be red before long. Enjoy!

  12. I didn’t have any this year but friends have given me vegetables and said their tomatoes were very late coming.
    My wife loves fried green tomatoes, once a year is good for me on the fried but you might try one or two to see if you like them. I hope they turn red soon for you.

  13. Plan on canning in September and October.

    Plant them earlier next year, layering (laying the stems under the soil) and you’ll have earlier tomatoes.

    Before a frost, pick the green ones, wrap them in newspaper, keep them in a cool dark place and you’ll have fresh garden tomatoes for Christmas!

  14. I have one tomato plant. It’s a Big Boy. All the tomatoes around here (Philadelphia) are late this year. Mine are just starting to get red. Should be nice and ripe when I am gone for vacation.

  15. Very few ripe tomatoes so far this year. The small sungold tomatoes are doing very well but the red tomatoes are still green. Many people in my area (Utah) are having the same problem this year.

  16. We planted in early June which is the norm for up here in Ontario and was told they would be done in 62-70 days. but so far they are green and small so doubt I will end up with any red ripe ones unless the warmer weather holds. Have too many cold mornings and rainy days. :( Looks like green tomato relish again this year.

  17. Yep, I have some of 2 varieties.. the other two plants are yet to turn red as well… hang in there…
    my chickens keep stealing them also….

  18. Here in the South my tomatoes are ruby red. I still have some that are green. I set out one plant only among my flowers and it has yielded about ten tomatoes. It is a tall plant and bushy. Home grown tomatoes sure have a better taste than ones bought in stores…..Poppy….By the way, green tomatoes will ripen in a brown paper bag, so I have been told. Hope this helps.

  19. I live in southern PA ,and we have so many tomatoes coming in it is a joke!!! We only planted cherry tomatoes this year, not sure how many since they are so bushy and are taller than I am in some spots! I have been picking them a gallon at a time for the past two weeks and giving bags away to friends and relatives. I don’t know if it is because of a cooler, wetter summer or the brand of tomatoes, but I’ve never had them come in this well before.

  20. I have some, but bought them at the store. Can I still play along ? LOL

    I tried planting them for years, but the squirrels kept eating them, and it wasnt worth the trouble.
    I had net and cages, the entire set up. They were against a fence, and the critters would just go under the fence. No matter what I tried, they got at them. I gave up.

    I should say… they took a bite out of them. Didnt like. Tried another. Didnt like. etc etc
    Buy a clue..stop eating them. grrr

  21. Yes we’ve had them here in NE Oklahoma for a couple of weeks and they are really good and juicy from all the rain!!! Love them fried green tomatoes too!!!

  22. hi dottie .
    we have here ripe tomatoes , but we live in b.c. canada . hope you get to eat yours soon . they are sooo darn good . they will still grow and ripen through august . good eating . d.

  23. Yep, been on for the last couple of weeks — yes you still have lots of time

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