Tomato Container Garden

Tomato Container Garden Growing tomatoes in containers. These are seven gallon squat pots with wodden stakes and twine. Fully organic u…
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Question by Mysterious girl: Tomato. . . Blush. . . Natural makeup?!?
Okayy its just 4 fun..
Me and my friend Sheila were discussing about making eco friendly makeup..
We don’t hv any idea how to make natural blush.. I know about strawberry and beetroot method but those ingredient aren’t available in our area.. So hows da idea of mixing tomato juice wid flour or baby powder?! And dry it? :)

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Answer by Beginning824
Try it?

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  1. Did you put holes in the bottom of the pots or rocks? I though it would
    tell me how instead of just showing how well your are growing with no “back

  2. Typically I do not have to self-pollinate but i need to space them out
    more. I do have some green zebra seeds I believe, send me a msg on our FB

  3. Nice good looking tomato plants, had been following your videos and
    comments whatever, just like the way you explained. I had learned planting
    tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes in the balcony using all the techniques I
    took from youtuber postings like yours. keep on, if you love gardening, the
    plants will love you as well, i had proved that, waiting everyday to see
    the first root coming out from a celery rooting, tomato suckers,and pruning
    peppers, which is very enjoying. And i had seen it

  4. Killin it! My green/yellow tomatoes are R.A.F and Northern lights. Also
    have Henderson’s wins all, stupice, old Wyandotte, my personal pruden’s
    purple cross, and vintage wine. All from seed by Tomatofest, except stupice
    & PP.

  5. very nice work! I’m looking forward to harvesting some tomatoes this
    year…I only have one variety at the moment, a cherry tomato ~ Sungold ~
    they’re very sweet…just need some good weather now! Best of luck!

  6. You will have a tomato forrest! I’ll be interested to see how your stakes
    do…I find that in my containers they call over…but my containers are
    not as big. How do you tell, with green tomatoes, that is it ripe? I’ll be
    looking forward to seeing these grow.

  7. I could tell,you enjoy tomatoes

  8. Any of the black seaman tomatoes grown fully yet? Interesting to see what
    they look like. Good looking maters!

  9. Yes, one of these is the black seaman ;)-

  10. Nice tomato garden. Very healthy plants. Looking forward to seeing them

  11. what an amazing collection of plants!…looks like they like whatever you
    are (or aren’t) doing to them!…when it doesn’t rain, how often do you
    have to water them?…thx for sharing…:D

  12. Nice tomato plants looking very good

  13. hey man much love from RI your videos help out a lot. Have you ever tried
    out the super roots air pots for your tomatoes?

  14. Nice looking really good like the way u plan them tomatoes in the containers

  15. Thanks for watching ;)-

  16. that’s great lol, thanks for watching ;)-

  17. Can’t wait until you have fully grown tomatoes! Are you going to
    self-pollinate the plants and sell seeds? I would really like to get my
    hands on some green zebra seeds!

  18. I had tomatoes on the deck last year. They crew great. I did steak them
    with old alunimum arrow shafts.

  19. Tomato forest. You aint messing around. great job on your video !

  20. I used to grow tomato plants in pots a long time ago when I had a small
    back yard & due to renting the house I couldn’t plant in the ground. I had
    crazy amounts of tomatoes every year & was giving them away to the
    neighbors. I used to call it my ‘pot garden’ & got a lot of funny looks
    which was totally worth it. The look from the cops that were taking down my
    neighbor was the best. I said to them “Well just don’t hurt my pot garden.”
    *laughs* When they saw my garden they laughed too. – Heidi

  21. Quite the tomato jungle! Can’t wait to see your update! Looking good!

  22. Thanks. I actually have sprayed them with water really good once to get rid
    of some aphids I saw starting to take up residence. Other than that I
    haven’t watered them. I will probably do a good watering with cal-mag and
    some organic nutrients but other than that leave them to the rain unless
    they get really dry. Thanks for watching ;)-

  23. These containers already had holes, no rocks.

  24. what about mashed rose petals??

  25. Yeah go for it.
    I also like that persons idea about the rose petals.
    Cherrys also could have a nice shade.
    Only thing is I’m pretty sure tomato just on it’s own is pretty light.
    I’m not sure though.
    I think you should try it and post pictures or something when you solve this question :)

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