Tomato, Cucumber, Onion Salad with Yogurt and Garlic Dressing

Tomato, Cucumber, Onion Salad with Yogurt and Garlic Dressing

Today we’re going to make a Tomato, Cucumber, Onion Salad paired with a yogurt and Garlic Dressing. Just to throw in some more garden fresh veggies, we’re go…
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Question by pinkpixie: How do you make your salads?
How do you prepare your favorite salads (preferably easy and quick to put together). I’m going
on a diet, and want to try some tasty salads that’ll fill me up. Thanks

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Answer by VanessaM
1st u run down to Ralph’s and get go and buy a already made salad

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  1. simple recipe.nice thanks´╗┐

  2. Just tried it. Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

  3. nice .its just perfect small and precise

  4. Nice one!!!

  5. Thanks for the Tip Tim, it was a great day for a salad like this and I had
    all the ingredients in the house, YUM!!!

  6. I liked your recipe, and your salad dressing, thanks

  7. Can u use something else instead of yogurt? ??

  8. Nice recipe

  9. lot’s of italian lettuce


    chicken on top

    ranch or 1000 ilsands dressing fuuuuuuck my stommach just growled fucking siiiiiiiiick with it OMFG

    I’m on diet too sh!t it suxxxx

    ummmm smoke cigs

    smoke white crack

    smoke meth

    smoke weed

    smoke etc.

    also vitamin c’s

    coffee morning

    what else…

    ugh don’t eat the crack

    snorke it








    I tried lol

    hit me up if you want

    and still with my stomach growling like fk

    I’m starving lol


  10. I prefer home made, so I use spinach leaves mixed with spring mix salad & add pretty much anything, ex: sliced raw zucchini, squash, olives ,cranberries, walnuts, tomatoes & dried salad toppings & of course your favorite low fat salad dressing.

    Good luck & enjoy!!

  11. lettuce

  12. I get a head of lettuce and tear the leaves off. I add croutons, cucumber slices, shredded boiled eggs, sprinkle cheese, and ranch dressing. Yum yum!

  13. I can make a bunch of salads, but my usual is this:

    Mixed greens or romaine. Really anything but iceberg.
    Champagne vinaigrette or balsamic vinaigrette.
    Crumbled feta, any flavor.
    Pecans, either candied or plain.
    Croutons if I have them.

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