Tomato Factory

Tomato Factory

Read the review @ Tomato Factory will enable you to grow big, red, juicy tomatoes quite easily. A…
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  1. no this is not good , like someone else wrote you get tiny pots with a sand
    mixture, you have to grow from seeds, the pots are just plastic bags, so
    far no seeds are growing here, if you do decide to purchase these make sure
    you live somewhere with a long summer or you will not get any tomatos, out
    of five stars i give this a one

  2. is this any good? i dont trust commercials or anything of the sort i wana
    see a customers review about it xP

  3. Oh and you don’t get any “plants” – you get three tiny pots with some dirt
    and seeds in them – the commercial is totally misleading – again – complete
    waste of money.

  4. How in any way is this a review, it’s just a upload of the commercial and
    when following the link for the review you just get more of the commercial
    information and no review! If you are going to post this as a review how
    about actually reviewing the product you are claiming by title is reviewed!

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