Tomato frog eating some red wigglers

Tomato frog eating some red wigglers

This is Cali, an adult female pacman frog I more or less rescued out of a local pet store that had her in poor conditions. I don’t believe she was getting en…
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Question by brouhaha: but i don’t HAVE a sweet red pepper (sweet tomato and basil bisque)?
I’m making a sweet tomato and basil bisque. It calls for a chopped sweet red pepper but I don’t have one. I have paprika, cayenne, and chili powder, though.
pfft.. you can substitute, ol’whiteguy

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Answer by Oldwhiteguy2earth
If you don’t have the proper ingredients, you won’t be making a recipe.

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  1. Just leave it out. Add something similar…Do you have a different color pepper? Maybe a yellow one or a green one? It might make the color off a bit but it should taste good. Add whatever you think will make it taste good. :)

  2. The pepper is just there for added depth and dimension. You’ll be fine leaving it out completely. If you roast the tomatoes before adding to the bisque, that will help enhance the flavor, as well. I think some paprika would be a fine addition. Just taste as you go and let your palate be your guide. Unless there’s chemistry involved (such as in some baking), recipes are really just suggestions 😉

  3. I would leave it out.

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