Tomato Garden

Tomato Garden

Chef Jason Hill of learns how to plant a tomato garden in this episode of “Chef Tips.” Growing tomatoes is more tricky than yo…
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Question by : What tomatoes can i grow in Cold weather??
Are there any cold weather tomatoes that i can grow outdoors this winter???? I live in LA where it is usually 50 – 60 degrees fareheit in the day.
Will the “Stupice tomatoes grow??????
Are there any cold weather tomatoes I can grow?????

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Answer by Dr J
im sorry i think your out of luck… if you go down to wallmart or somthing and buy a small greenhouse thing. i live in the UK and brought 2 at £10 each, which i think is about $ 15…. comes with 4 shelves. if you only have the bottom 1 and middle 1 you cold get a few good sized plants on each shelf…..

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  1. toasted bagels with tomatoes o_O sounds gross

  2. @ChefTips Oh my God. It’s 10:41pm and I’ve never wanted to eat something
    more in my life.

  3. Thanks for posting this Jason – esp. despite your fire. Hope things are
    coming along there with recovering from it ? My best to you all. Question?
    Why doesnt your father-in-law save seeds from his own tomatoes & replant
    them each year thereafter instead of buying nursery plants? I have to agree
    with him on the store bought tomatoes…..better to go without than to
    settle for those tasteless expensive excuses for a tomato ! Nothing like
    homegrown ! Thanks again & best wishes

  4. @ChefTips Yum! Sounds good to me.

  5. Thanks. This is very helpful.

  6. Hello, props to your father in law for his great tips and his great
    attitude! I like this video very much! best wishes from Germany Joe

  7. @TheVittleVlog Thanks!

  8. I am so envious. They look awesome. Unfortunately this year we had over a
    month of 100 degree temperatures with sunlight that burned everything.
    Didn’t matter how you watered the plants the heat did it’s damage. From 6
    tomato plants we harvested maybe 6 eatable tomatoes. Next year, I’ll buy
    lots of umbrella’s to shade the plants if the sun beats down again ! ! ! !

  9. @ji94552 Yes, you do. You can also save the heirloom tomato seeds and
    replant them.

  10. @ChefTips Got it! Cosmos, Borage and Marigolds!!

  11. you have some nice fruit there i love heirlooms and have 20 varieties this
    year i ha ve videos here on youtube from the last three years.tell your
    father in law to grow the paul robeson tomato its incredible.

  12. Do you have to keep planting tomato every year like an annual plant?

  13. @bibbeny Thanks so much. We are really anxious to get back into the kitchen
    and make some videos. Until then we are going to do a few on location, such
    as this one. Take care, Jason

  14. Greae vid. Glad to see you back after the fire damage. I hope everything is

  15. i really love your videos jason !


  17. @UploaderA Thank you! =]

  18. Good to see you! Thanks for pushing thru everything going on and giving us
    all something to enjoy. As always, very generous of you Sir… I mean…
    Chef. :-)

  19. @digupmyheart Sorry. I wanted to do this video earlier this summer, but we
    had the fire.

  20. Great video! Wish this video would have been out at the beginning of summer
    when I started growing my own tomatoes! :)

  21. Those are huge tomatoes wish you did more garden videos

  22. Glad to see you back. I hope all is well with your family!

  23. I love tomatoes. They do taste very good with bagels or even with grilled
    cheese sandwiches:) Its so good to see that you and your family are doing
    okay. God Bless:)

  24. Great vid!!!! Thanks for the tips!!!

  25. thank you very ,much for this video!! i loved the tip about cosmos and how
    they deal with unwanted bugs because i get soooo mad whenever i see spots
    eaten by bugs.

  26. Tomatoes are warm-weather plants. Even in LA, that’s too chilly for tomatoes.

  27. I’m not quite sure if putting tomatoes in a green house is the right advice, but I think it would be worth a try, or if you have a garage you could set up a small area to grow them in pots.

  28. You can only grow the hardier varieties like Ferline indoors where it’s warm and reasonably light.

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