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Tomato  Growing Back Yard Tomatoes

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Question by Queen bee: does a tomato turn red before or after they are picked?
my mom is growing tomatoes and i am her researcher. she knows nothing about tomatoes trust me. i really need help. is there any other info. i should know about them?

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Answer by Wired T
Usually people wait until they turn red…unless its a yellow tomato….then again, you can always make fried green tomatoes if you pick them before they ripen.

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  1. Tomatos have better flavour when left to ripen on the vine, but they will turn red on a sunny window sill after a couple of days

  2. Pick tomatoes the day after they start to turn red. If you pick them when green, they won’t go any further. If you pick them after they start to turn red, they will finish ripening on their own.Don’t wait for them to fully vine ripen or the critters will get them first. We grow Celebrity tomatoes & do it this way & they are by far the best tomato you’ve ever tasted. Do not refrigerate until they are fully ripe but still firm though. Once they are put in fridge, they will ripen no more. We grow tomatoes & sell them to stores.

    Here’s an answer I gave to another person about watering tomatoes.

    Water every 3 days (in the garden) during non raining season. Fertilize once a week with miracle grow. When water is splashed up on to the bottom leaves, this causes early blight. Remove those leaves as it will keep going up the plant. Also, don’t smoke around them & make sure your hands are washed thoroughly before handling them. This can cause Tobacco Mosaic Wilt. Tomatoes have to be kept watered . A consistent, deep watering. Don’t give them a shot of water & then lay off. This is why I say to water them every 3 days in garden. In pots, it will be more frequent. Inconsistent watering will cause the tomato to split. Make sure not to water overhead, as this causes splashing. Lay your hose on the ground & run slowly, letting the ground soak up the water. If it rains, pick any ripened tomato right away or they will split on you.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  3. Tomatoes are best if you let them ripen (turn red) on the vine. You can also pick them while they’re green, but they have to have at least started to turn red, or they won’t ripen. All they’ll be good for is fried green tomatoes.

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