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Question by Lithobid: Tomato plant stunted growth?
I’m growing tomato’s and they are doing great, but they are only 11″ and they are starting to flower, so I have been picking off the flowers so the plant concentrates on growing. I don’t know if the plants are determinate or inditerminate, how long can I pick off the buds, I’ve done it about 3 times already. When I pick off the buds, they aren’t flowers, I don’t let the plant flower at all. Thanks for the help! I should also mention these are potted plants, in 12″ pots, so I know they won’t get too big, but what is expected hight? I’ve fertalized accordingly. NPK is fine


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Answer by Kutty_21
You can allow them to fruit, even though they are low in height. It might be dwarf variety. It will flower and give adequate fruit as long you give proper NPK MIXTURE(not excess as it will kill it) and also can use vermicompost for slow vegitative growth.
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  1. Tomato’s need cold weather to set the fruit. dint pick off the flowers But were branches grow you will find a small new growth coming out of the area just off the maim shoot its called a NODE , as you see them starting to grow pinch them off. Then the plant will sent its vital nutrients to the rest of the plant You must give the plants full sun and good fertilizer, try something liken Miracle Grow, it has a good combination of the essential matter like, nitrogen potash and potassium. Even if the plants are in a in a pot it will still grow You might try stepping the pot up a size so the roots aren’t root bound they need space to grow.

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