Tomato Growing Grow Organic Tomatoes Balcony Home Garden

Tomato Growing Grow Organic Tomatoes Balcony Home Garden

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Question by Twizzle: I live in Dubai, UAE (Hot and humid from Spring to fall) & want to grow tomatoes?
This will be my first time growing tomatoes and I am looking for both indeterminate (have some space in my small flower garden) and determinate ones (which I want to grow in big pots).

I was looking for seeds online of different varieties and I see there are early season, mid-season, and late season tomato varieties.

Does the early season ones mean if I plant seeds now I will get tomatoes before the heat and humidity is really bad? But then will the plant die when the heat and humidity comes? For the early season ones, I usually see them state things like “great for cooler climates” –that is why I am asking…because I am not in a cooler climate.

Other than that, can anyone recommend some good hot weather-friendly tomatoes that will grow well during the hot and sweaty months?

thank you!

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Answer by just wonderin
all tomatoes love hot weather, you should be able to plant any kind you like

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  1. You live in the perfect climate for tomatos . They will thrive. The early season is just printed for places like the midwest that can have frost up to May.

  2. you will need to cover your plants or shade them some way for best productivity

  3. tomatoes like it hot, but not super hot. Tomatoes stop producing when temps get into the upper 90s and above. You may be able to start your tomatoes very early during your cool months and have tomatoes in the spring then take care of them during you hottest months with shelter and plenty of water and they may begin to produce again in Autumn.
    I live in Oklahoma which is the most central part of the US and we have a very temperate climate. It rarely gets super hot or super cold here yet my tomatoes will stop producing during the month of September which is typically our hottest month. There is a tomato called “solar fire” that is supposed to be heat tolerant here is a site that sells the seed:
    Here is a site that has a list of tomatoes for hot climates:

    Good Luck

  4. Here are several links to suitable pot planting tomato’s
    This is what you need: the Patio Tomato suitable for growing in pots.

    PATIO KING Tomato seeds
    TINY SWEET MILLION Tomato seeds

    Several varieties of patio tomatoes

    Here is Gurneys seed catalog with pictures of tomatoes. I personally like the Roma tomatoes (especially for dicing and making sauces) I like the Better Boy for slicing and salads and just eating a whole one. It’s very popular in my state.
    Now for the big pot question…..
    none of these will do well in pots they get to big.
    Gurneys Home Page
    Tomato Page/2

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