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Question by Cliff B: injured tomato plant?
the guy who cuts my lawn accidentally cut the tip off of one of my tomato plants with the weed wacker. It was about two inches cut off the top. Will it affect the plant or will tomatoes still grow from it?

It still looks ok.

Also some of my plants already have tomatoes coming off of them but they are green and some of them kind of look rotten, maybe from bugs?

as you can see i am a vegetable plant noob so any suggestions welcome.


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Answer by isablackcat
Your tomato plant should be fine and the tip cut should encourage new growth. As far as the fruit that appears rotten it could actually be blossom end rot which is fairly common in tomatoes. If that is the case you will want to remove the rotting fruits and add some super phosphate to your soil. Also make sure that you keep the plants adequately watered. Good luck.

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  1. 2 inches cut off the top of a otherwise healthy tomato plant will be fine, it will just make the tomato plant grow bushier instead of taller. Some gardeners pinch the tops out of their tomoato plants to keep them from outgrowing the tomato cages.
    You need to pinch off the suckers from your tomato plants anyway. Suckers are little side shoots that develop in ‘V’ between the main plant stalk and the leaf branches. These suckers rob your tomato plant of nutrients and produce poor quailty tomatoes. Keep all suckers pinched off up to the first tomato bloom.
    As far as the rotten, green tomatoes, that could be caused be several things. Inconstistent moisture, sun scald, too little or too much of something in the soil, etc.
    If the rotten portion is only on the bottom of the green tomatoes, you have blossom end rot, caused from not enough calcium and magnesium in the garden soil
    Correct this by mixing 2 cups of Epsom salts in 5 gallons of water and feeding to your tomato plants twice per week. This won’t save your present rottening tomatoes, but will prevent the future tomatoes from developing blossom end rot.
    This article shows pictures of blossom end rot, see if that’s what your tomatoes look like and follow the directions for correcting it.

  2. Well, unless all you have left is 2″ of the bottom of the stalk, it will be fine. It may be set back a bit, but it will still grow and produce.

  3. The shortened tomato plant should be fine. Rotten green tomatoes, however, are not fine.

    Might want to start with matching symptoms at a site like:

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