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Question by Matthew B: What can I add to my vodka to make the taste bearable?
i added like a gallon of tomato juice, but it was gross. i dont have that much stuff lying around, please help.

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Answer by jojo5050
Vodka and Coke
Vodka and Orange (juice) not fizzy drink.
Vodka and lemonade

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  1. coke / orange juice / neat / on the rocks

  2. Tonic water and a squeeze of lime juice (for a Vodka Tonic)

    Orange juice (for a Screwdriver).

    Tomato juice is part of the way to a Bloody Mary, but missing most of the important ingredients. Stick with something simple, as described above.

  3. more vodka lol, orange juice usually works too

  4. Well I bought this drink mix from WalMart to add to vodka. It is supposed to be for martinis put you could put it in any glass you want. It’s called : Rose’s Cocktail Infusions. It comes in sooo many flavors and it is SO cheap!

    Try it, i’m sure you’ll like it!

  5. Try pineapple juice love it.

  6. Make a “Lemon Drop.”

    Get a little sugar packet, like you see on restaurant tables. Dump it in your mouth.

    Take a wedge of lemon and bite it.

    Then down the stuff with a shot of vodka.

  7. 7 up but dumb to drink it.

  8. a gallon of matter juice, yike, your sort of close to a bloody mary. any juice, like cranberry, yada ya

  9. Orange Juice
    Cranberry Juice
    Capri Sun

  10. OH…MY….GOD! Tomato juice! Dude get real! That’s nasty i’m sure! Orange juice is suppose to mix with vodka, not
    tomato juice! YUCK! You have to add a little at a time to suite
    your taste. But don’t over do it dude.

  11. Cranberry juice or orange juice are my favorites…but there is really so many choices with vodka. Try kool-aid, gatorade, soda, just about anything…

  12. Lemon, tons of hot (tabasco) sauce, and some salt…..scrumptous! Oh, and Lea & Perrins sauce 😀

  13. Try half vodka and half Red Bull its great.
    Or you could do pink lemonade I call it pink panties.

  14. try something strong-flavored, that you wouldn’t normally enjoy drinking like orange juice, cranberry juice, or regular or pink grapefruit juice. The reason is when you mix vodka with it, the vodka dilutes the taste a little bit, so it tastes just right. If you’ve got stiff liquor and you don’t mix it with something equally stiff, the liquor will overpower it. You can use multiple mixers too, like say grapefruit juice and sunny delight.

  15. Vodka and orange juice.

    Anyways, why are you drinking it if you dont like the taste?

  16. It sounds like you were trying to make a bloody mary. You can add apple pucker, watermelon pucker etc…. and make a martini.Cranberry juice is a common favorite. Typically you want to do 1 part vodka, 2 parts juice!

  17. I know from experience that it’s easier to drink strait if it is kept in the freezer. If you mix it with orange juice, it’s great. You can’t hardly even taste the vodka.

  18. If you have to ask that, then you’re probably too young to drink and are drinking because–well you’re stupid. If you don’t like the taste of vodka, don’t drink it.

    I could give you at least three or four beverages that would make the vodka taste good, but that’s probably the last thing you need. Now go have some milk and cookies and do something constructive.

  19. clear liqours are great mixers just throw any juice or soda you like in with it. keep at it a 3/1 ratio to mask the taste of the vodka. liquor stores also like to sell little flavored bottles just for adding to your drink as well.

  20. Buy a mixer. If it’s sweet, like a strawberry mixer, the alcohol blends well.

  21. Diet Sprite & ice.

    1 part vodka to 2 parts Diet Sprite.

    not sugar sprite – tastes horrible.

  22. You can add lemonade its the best their called ” Yellow Fevers” or OJ, cranberry juice,squirt, and if your really desperate, I was camping in the middle of nowhere and we had the vodka and grape kool-aid we called them “purple peter eaters” after a few they weren’t that bad.
    Good Luck!!!

  23. So,if the taste of vodka isn’t bearable to you, try some other type of liqour that is bearable to drink ,without having to add so much stuff to it.

  24. Actually you should change the vodka. I usually drink Belvedere but my new favorite is Reyka. It’s not that expensive ($ 24) and you can just add a splash of cranberry to it. You can’t add enough mixer to bad vodka.

  25. What the hell???????? If you don’t like the taste DON’T DRINK IT! Why do people insist on drinking something they don’t like!? that is like saying, how do I wear a watch I don’t like, or how do I listen to a band I don’t like. It’s just stupid. Considering vodka is the purest for of drinkable alcohol because it doesn’t taste like anything, it means it can go with almost anything. For a start, inexpensive vodka should NEVER be drunk by itself. Most vodkas these days are made to be mixed and not to be drunk neat. The ones that are cost quite a lot and probably need importing from Russia (should be kept in the freezer and served neat).

    I just don’t see the reason for even suggesting something. I can’t possibly imagine why someone would want to consume something they don’t like. I hate aniseed, so you know what I do? I keep the hell away from absinthe, Galiano, Anis, Pastis and Goldwesser. Is it some kind of peer pressure thing? Are you trying to look cool or fit in? I just cannot think of a legitimate reason for it.


  26. I personally like my vodka in Iced Tea.

  27. cranberry juice with a hint of cherry juice to take the bitterness away.

    orange-pineapple juice is great too.

    try any fruity drink with no carbonation (bubbles)

  28. First off, upgrade your vodka. Good vodka is nearly tasteless which is why it is used as a base in so many mixes.

    Then, you can mix it with Cranberry juice or any sweet “kool-aid” type mix. Lemon Drops are awesome if you want to shoot vodka but kill the taste immediately. Also, make sure the vodka is as cold as possible – keep a bottle in the freezer if you can. Cheers!

  29. cranberry, pinapple and orange juice.

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