Tomato makes your cheek red – Piyu

Tomato makes your cheek red - Piyu

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Question by Put the Cheese in the Noodles and Whataya Get: Will a tomato off the plant still turn red if you let it sit?

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Answer by sciencegravy
If it’s was getting close to ripening, yes. Put them top down in a sunny window. Or wrap in newspaper. People have different methods, but generally, it you wait, they’ll continue to ripen a bit.

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  2. love u piyu baby….

  3. yes it will if it is a red one or if it is yellow it will turn yellow.

  4. Yes. If you put them in a brown paper bag they will turn red. I do this all the time. Especially at the end of the season when there is no more sun out. You can still have red tomatoes.

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