Tomato Omelette By Archana

Tomato Omelette By Archana

For all you complete vegetarians out there, Archana teaches you how to make omelette without using eggs. Here is an omelette made of gram flour – extremely h…
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Question by Elizabeth: Can I still pick tomatoes if they are green?
We had a freak frost here a few days ago, and my tomato plants died from it, but they still have quite a few green ones on them. Can I pick them and will they ripen on the counter? Thank you in advance!

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Answer by ctt
pick them like i pick my nose!

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  1. How much flour do you use?

  2. Kaku tumhi kitti cute aahat… The way u explain all receipes are so
    perfect. Khup chaan

  3. Archana Madam Namaskaar anee dhanyavaad. Khup chaan ahe tumchee demonstrate
    karnyachee pad-dhaat…..ekdum Marath-moli style. Gr8 work…pls jara Tur
    dalee-chee amti kashi karaychee…te jara sangnaar ka.??? Abharee Asen

  4. Good

  5. Do let us know how it turns out! :)

  6. Hi archana mam i stay in Holland n we dont get khoya pls could u show me
    how to make khoya at Home wil be grateful to u

  7. Thank you for your feedback!

  8. Thankuu arachana mam

  9. very creative – Thank you

  10. Request noted. We will pass it on to Archana Tai

  11. Thank you Sunita! Do let us know if you want any specific recipe!

  12. I tried this recipe, came very well, even the taste was very good..Thank
    you Archana..

  13. khup chaan recipe..

  14. Oh so glad you did! Next time send us a pic @infoodnetwork or on our
    facebook page. Hope you’ve subscribed for more recipes! :)

  15. khup avadla hey recipe nakki try karthn

  16. karandi barik choti choti mhanaje kaya?

  17. Pick them yes, no they will not ripen on the counter please wrap them in news paper… this will help them ripen.

  18. Yes,,, Fried Green Tomatoes are good.

  19. are you stupid are just plain dumb no don`t pick tomatoes if there green dume!

  20. They should ripen if you put them in a warm place ie, near a radiator or airing cupboard etc.. or you could use them for making green tomato chutney..

  21. Yes you can. You can also fry them as is or make relish out of the green tomatoes.

  22. Yes you can! Although they will not ripen on the counter like they would on the vine.

    Green tomatoes are firmer than ripe ones, and they are tart, but they are 100% edible! Ever heard of Fried Green Tomatoes? They are delicious! Here’s a recipe. I grew up on these and they are so fantastic!

  23. I am sorry to have to tell you that IF you had picked your green tomatoes BEFORE they got frosted, then they would have ripened up quite nicely on your counter. However, now they have the frost damage, the cells will start to break down and they will not keep. If you want, you can slice the bigger ones and make fried green tomatoes, but they will be mushier than they should be.

  24. Sure, pick the green tomatoes and see if they’ll ripen a bit. Be careful–green tomatoes have chemicals that will make your tummy upset. Cooking them neutralizes the chemicals–that’s why “Fried Green Tomatoes” are popular.

  25. I grow tomatoes every year. I always pick some when they are green to make fried green tomatoes. The ones we don’t cook , we put in the window and they will get ripe in a few days.

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