tomato plant growing problems

tomato plant growing problems

tomato plant growing problems Start Growing your own Clean, Fresh Organic food easily with our guides. Youll get everything yo need to know abour growing fre…
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Question by Jason Bockenfeld: Tomato and pepper seedlings wont grow right.?
I planted green bean, zucchini, tomato and pepper seeds indoors. The green beans and zucchini are doing great but tomatoes and peppers sprout and only get an inch tall. I thought it was the regular fluorescent lights so I put the tomatoes outside and apparently I left them out too long and they died. I am a great gardener but I can’t start tomato or pepper seeds which sucks cause I am looking into growing ghost chilies indoors and can only get seeds offline.
I’m using just regular potting soil maybe schultz. I don’t have a grow light or anything it is just regular fluorescent lighting for the whole room, I don’t know if that makes a difference but the green beans are doing just fine it was just the tomatoes and peppers that stopped growing.

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Answer by Smart and Outspoken
I grow over 500 species of Capsicum (peppers). First, do what I did when I started: join one of the worldwide, great, exciting Chili forums! I am a member of several of them. There, we even exchange plant seeds, so I got my amazing collection of most unique plants. They can assist you with existing threads about this, and much more.

First, Capsicum is a tropical plant. So provide warm damp soil, with enough nutrition in it. And also, add plenty light for 8 hours/day. By the way, what soil mixture do you use? Please add that detail to your question.

You should use a very organic-rich soil. Mix a potting mix with some compost. Keep moist (damp), but do not over-water. And provide a little air movement so no fungus or algae will develop.

I hope I could help you. But please add now some more details. I will check back and can then give a better answer.

One more thing: how long do you have those seeds? Peppers and tomatoes are solanum plants. Solanum seeds do not endure long at room temperatures, their germination rate after one year is significantly lower. Ensure fresh seeds, or cold storage (-30 C up to 0 C).

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  1. How many Tomato and Pepper plants you going to raised anyway. I find it easy to just buy them at the store. For 88 cents I get 4. Cheaper then a bag of seeds, lighting, potting soil, containers and other costs. I get what I want and they seem to grow well enough to give some away to the neighbors.

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