tomato plant growing slowly

tomato plant growing slowly

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Question by Cher C: Green Tomatoes?
This may sound stupid…but is green tomatoes just tomatoes not fully ripe??
Can you get cherry tomatoes like that? Anyone ever tasted them. Or is it a certain type you need to grow. I love green tomatoes so much!!

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Answer by TruDeL
Yeah Green Tomatoes are just normal tomatoes that arnt done growing yet. And yes they are very good. I like them fried….

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  1. They are awesome. I coat them and a quick fry and flip…You can even freeze some.

  2. There are green tomatoes that are fully ripe, but most green tomatoes are unripened. You can harvest green cherry tomatoes also. Green tomatoes are tart and not good eaten like a ripe one.

  3. I like green tomatoes too but, there are many varieties you can grow, and some are ripe even when green and some are not. It depends on the softeness. I have grown several varieties and have not grown anything the size of a cherry tomatoe green. I would suggest looking at a few sites on the internet that has pics of the varieties they sell. Last year I grew a tomatoe called a Mr.Stripey and that tomatoe is good for people that cant have one that is too acidic. Also a good one to fry.

  4. Green tomatoes are not ripe and it is believed they can cause diarrhea and it’s not healthy to eat them. For your sake just look at them don’t eat them!

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