Tomato Plant Side Shoot Removal

Tomato Plant Side Shoot Removal I demonstrate how to pinch out the side shoots of a growing tomato in my greenhouse to preven…
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  1. @ELPaso1990TX Seaweed is good for tomatoes as it is rich in potassium whuch
    is necessary for good ‘fruiting’ of plants..

  2. Oooh, right. Thanks for that. I read somewhere else that I should be
    ensuring that all the leaves towards ground level are snipped off – how
    much clearance should I create?

  3. Thank you, Laurence. This was a clear and informative video. It would have
    been appreciated if you could have mentioned at what point you start
    feeding your tomatoes. I understand it is when the first or second truss of
    tomatoes start to appear but I often wonder if it should be when the
    flowers form. Information from various sources seems confusing.

  4. Excellent videos. Thank you for your time!

  5. Hi bowler8, thanks for your input. I think there will be some different
    names given these shoots depending on the country of origin. In the UK a
    sucker is a plant that grows from the root – see Wikipdia’s definition
    which I identify with in ‘About’ description below video (link).
    Culturally, many things take on a meaning quite different than what is
    defined so photos and videos ensure we understand what one means by a
    particular term. Thanks for helping us understand this.

  6. Knowledge from a Pro, Thank you

  7. Thanks for the tips!

  8. thats called a sucker

  9. Great video, thanks Laurence. Quick question – I think I got a bit confused
    with my first ever crop of tomatoes, and while I have been pinching out the
    side shoots on subsequent trusses, the first truss has two MASSIVE shoots
    coming out now, about the same size as the growing stem. Am I too late (in
    early June) to prune these off? It won’t make my tomato plant more
    susceptible to disease will it? Thanks again!

  10. Is home made seaweed fertiliser good for tomatoes? I made some by allowing
    seaweed to rot in a bucket of water until I got a thick brown liquid, (it
    smells awful) which has now gone thin, would that be good for next year?

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