Tomato Planting Secrets – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 395

Tomato Planting Secrets - Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 395

Here’s Lynn yearly tomato planting secrets. Yes, for the past 4 years Lynn has been modifying, improving, and stimulating tomato plant production. Using her …
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  1. I had some blossom end rot issue last year so am grateful for these
    preventive and nutrient tips. Thank you

  2. Interesting.

  3. I always learn something from you Lynn.thanks

  4. The sugar will help the micronutrients thrive. Great recipe!

  5. can you use this mixture for any plant or just tomatoes?

  6. I watched video from you last fall about planting peony seeds. I was
    inspired so I purchased and collected over 300 seeds. It appears that they
    aren’t doing anything still this year. If I herd your video correctly, you
    said it wasn’t until the second summer that your plants started coming up?
    If so, did you leave the seeds in outside for winter number two? So very
    curious to see what you have too say.

  7. amazing,thank you!

  8. LOL gardeners like to share. :)

  9. Glad to know about the powder milk to prevent blossom rot, last year I lost
    a whole crop of roma tomatoes due to that. Hope I have better luck this

  10. Oh, last year was such a heartbreak. Hope your crop does much better this
    year. Thanks for sharing. Lynn

  11. I use the Epsom salts and Dried milk already, so thanks for sharing the
    other ingredients that will help. As for pollination, tomatoes and peppers
    are self-pollinating so they don’t actually need the flowers for bees, tho
    its nice to have them visit other crops and the flowers are pretty. You
    just need to tap the blossoming branches every day when your’re out in the
    garden. They’ll pollinate themselves.

  12. Planted tree peony seeds in pots last spring, waited the whole summer,
    watering them as needed, keeping them in the shade as advised.
    Nothing.Planted the pots in the ground in fall, covered with mulch and
    netting to keep the squirrels out.This spring they started to sprout.We now
    have a couple dozen plants about 5” tall.We planted almost 1000 seeds, but
    are happy to see what came up.Our expert said it can take 1-3 years for
    them to sprout. Be patient. Thanks for your question. Lynn

  13. Fhew!!! My girlfriend thought I should throw them out but I didn’t because
    they didn’t look rotten and they were bigger than last fall. I am going to
    be patient. I think I am going to add the Gerry Baker Tomato started above.
    I LOVE Gerry Baker, thank you for speading his kooky wonderful ideas.

  14. I guess the whole process is the’ secret’., the compost mix, the sugar, the
    dried milk, and planting them deep. I’m sure many people do some of these
    already. I just put them altogether and have had great success. Thanks for
    visiting and asking. Lynn

  15. Glad you liked it, hope you try the tip and let us know how it worked. Lynn

  16. I apply the clean-up tonic every 3 weeks in the growing season.
    Periodically I will apply the “green-up” tonic as well. Applied with a 20
    gal. sprayer you attach to your hose end. :-)

  17. It doesn’t matter really. Just sprinkle some around each plant every couple
    of weeks. Good question. Lynn

  18. What is in secret ingredient?

  19. I agree. We found out about him on PBS one year. I’ve never used his
    clean-up tonic. I think I might try it this fall. Lynn

  20. I have always Loved Jerry Baker, have several of his books. I especially
    like his “Clean-Up” tonic you mix in a sprayer and apply to everything in
    your yard. His grandmother was also a very smart woman.

  21. Lynn should the milk get watered in right away or does it not matter?

  22. Now that you mentioned self-pollinating, I remember reading about growing
    them indoors and they said to use an electric toothbrush to help them
    along. LOL I know flowers attract certain insects that attack the pesty
    insects so that’s always a good thing. Thanks for your tip. Lynn

  23. It ain’t a secret anymore! lol

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