Tomato plants cuttings suckers propagate

Tomato plants cuttings suckers propagate

Save time and money on cuttings of suckers from your favorite tomato plants. This tomato cutting is called Super Snow White . It’s a sweet pale cherry tomato…
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Question by Sensui MAstER: my tomato plant isn’t making fruit!?
i have a tomato plant around 7-8 months old…it had flowers…
but the yellow flower part never came out. I put it in a large pot..
it really hates the sun…everytime i leave and come back.
it’s all dried droopy and I have to mega water it……
now it’s growing copies of itself between stretched leaves….
until all the “copieS” become as big as itself…..why?!?
i want tomatoes/1!!!!!! noww///plz ..
i choose best answer

Best answer:

Answer by shidhet
Possibly it needs to be pollinated?

You probably need some other tomato plants and some bees.

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  1. I have never seen the super snow white tomato how big do they get?

  2. They don’t get very big,. 1-2 ounces. Will show you a video regarding diff
    tomatoes growing.

  3. A tomato plant should love the sun. It sounds like it needs to be hardened off to get used to the sun. Leave it in the sun a little longer each day till it can handle all day long. Potted tomatoes need lots and lots of water if the pot drains well. If it doesn’t drain well this is a problem. You need to prune those copies (suckers) out as soon as they start coming on. Those large ones (suckers) that exist prune them back to a couple of sets of leaves. They are taking energy away from fruit production and weakening the plant. Pollination is required for fruit production. Sounds like you are trying to keep the plant inside and this will not work.

  4. You may just have a loser. I have a lemon tree that is like that.

    Start over. Buy a new one.

  5. If a tomatoe plant is 7 or 8 months old, it has already fruited before, or got blossom drop from improper watering or drainage. & months is a long time for a tomatoe plant to go at it…Also if one is planted before the outside temperature reaches a minimum of 50% degrees at night, it messes it’s photosynthesis up and won’t fruit half the time..another option is..If you plant determinate type tomatoes, they only fruit once in it’s life then it is over..this is why I only plant indeterminate varieties of tomatoes…

  6. Its the sheer size of the pot. You simply have too small of a pot for a plant that requires a normalized ground temperature.

    What happens is your pot exceeds a normal temperature for the the tomatoes natural environment, it will then droop and fall and not produce.

    Most hybrid plants, such as Burpee Big Boy or even Cherry will do exactly as you describe. Those are “ground” plants requiring a ground temperature of not in excess of 85F.

    Next time grow a tomato from seed of the variety PATIO TOMATO which can tolerate a ground temperature of range of 90 to 110 F.

    Take an plant this tomato in full sun in the ground and it will bear fruit and be healthy looking.

    Tomatoes do not require pollination, they are like peas a self polinating plant and dont require that sort of a thing to bear fruit. Cukes are not self polinating, but beans, peas, tomatoes and most other garden veggies are self polinating.

  7. It is too old I imagine…it is trying to make babies of itself by sprouting those little plants between it’s leaves…get a new young plant and start over…and leave it outside for the bees to pollinate…

  8. 7 TO 8 MONTHS OLD? WOW!!! dig a deep hole, place the plant all the way below ground level, say a few words and cover, that baby has done all she is going to

    But really, tomatoe plants are self pollinating, so there is no need for another tomatoe plant. you could try this, get some egg shells, wash the out, crush them into to small pieces, (not powder) place them in the over and bake them till they are a light brown color. Sprinkle that around in the pot, this is a great source of calcium, which is used by the plant for blooms/fruiting.
    I gree that Patio Tomatoe plants are the best for pots.

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