Tomato Plants: I Need Your Help

Tomato Plants: I Need Your Help

I need your help with my tomato plants. I have horn worms. And they are destroying my beautiful tomato plants. If you know how to get rid of tomato plant hor…
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  1. Horn worms,,i use chickens,let em run free in garden a few times a week,the
    worst case they peck the lower tomatos but helps save the plants,chickens
    also help weed between my plants.I also save my wood ash and spread wood
    ash over and around my plants,all natural..The lye in wood ash kills/burns
    small soft body insects.

  2. Organic way- soap and water. Also… White Cocoons = Don’t Kill! Leave the
    hornworm where it is. It is most likely fairly developed and already done
    most of the damage it can. The white sacks attached to the worm are Wasp
    which will soon emerge to hunt down and kill other hornworms. This is
    Yahweh’s natural biological “insecticide”. Insecticide- use sevin dust and
    it won’t get into your soil as much.

  3. ortho…..ortho….ortho

  4. @Itaintnutn How much 😉

  5. @TimeToWakeUp1111 I guess this goes to show nicotine not only kills people
    but bugs too. :)

  6. btigtime already said it.Seven Dust

  7. @LDSPrepper, I agree with the others on using Bt or BTK – you might want to
    look for a product called “Green Step” at this stage. There are other,
    non-“spray” things that could have been done earlier, (complementary
    planting), but again – now that you are seeing them, your options are
    pretty limited IMHO.

  8. Great idea. Thanks!

  9. BT Caterpillar Control, one name is Thuricide. Main ingredient is Bacillus
    Thuringiensis a biological control which is safe. Spray the plants and when
    the worms eat it, the spores of bt infest the worm gut and kill the worms.
    You can find Thuricide at Home Depot.

  10. In the past few years, Ca.we starting seeing a new flying menace to plants,
    grass, tree leaves. It is a Japanese beetle. Big, fluorescent green. They
    lay eggs in the soil of grass, and slowly, the larva that grow, eat the
    roots of grass. the bug eats the leaves of everything. It turns the grass
    yellow in patches. At first, we watered a lot, thinking that was the
    problem. The way you can tell it’s them, they skeletonize leaves. 7 is the
    name of the spray, 1 for lawn 1 for trees, plants.

  11. what about food grade diatomaceous earth

  12. @ArrowTheGreat Thank you for the video link. Very helpful.

  13. BT Worm Killer works great. Some kind of enzyme that does something to the
    worms digestive systems or something like that. Suppose to be harmless to
    you and I, that is why I have used it. Works fantastic.

  14. @ss109guy Problem is that when some chemical company says it is not
    dangerous to humans, I tend to distrust their motivation and honesty. I
    prefer Organic Methods or Natural Pesticides I can make my self.

  15. Get Praying mantis….they will eat the worms!

  16. Seven Dust

  17. @1TruPatriot Thanks for the comment. I was leary too but I got over it. I
    thought if I truly believe there are bad times coming and I can help one
    person or one family I’m putting up videos. You will notice I don’t put in
    any personal info, no names, no addresses, no face shots. I want to help
    but I too am some what cautious. I hope to see some vids from you soon.

  18. @LDSPrepper I have no ideal what atracts them,but it works ive be catching
    lots of ants in them as well.if you have slugs use beer in the cups it
    works very well.

  19. Keep a pair of scissors in your pocket when you go into the garden. You can
    use it to cut suckers, trim plants, cut string, ties, but also use them to
    cut the Tomato Hornworms. Snip them in the back and green stuff goes
    everywhere. They die quickly.

  20. One day a boy from my Cub Scout troup, [Tommy], came over to visit my son.
    I was having trouble with worms on my tomatoes. He told me this, He said he
    often helped his grandfather in his garden. His grandfather taught him to
    gently break the branches half way that did not have budding flowers on
    them. The branches should be broken in such a way that they will still
    hang on the plant. He said there is a natural insecticide in the plant. I
    never have worms on my plants.

  21. OBTW, “Horn Worms” are actually caterpillars from big old moths – but I
    suppose you know that. 😉

  22. @KayakFisher01 Awesome. Thank you.

  23. those are just babies ,,, if you let any go they will grow huge and
    completly decimate your plants in a matter of a few days.. I have them
    every year and a spray a concentrate or ready to go spray containing BT
    stops tham everytime and is not harmful to humans ,pets or plants .. just
    look at the label for BT(bacillus ,, thurengus ..or something like that

  24. sevin 5%

  25. @PreacherPrepper So you are feeding the predators. Good idea.

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