Tomato Profile: The ‘Homestead’ Heirloom Tomato: The Rusted Garden 2011

Tomato Profile: The 'Homestead' Heirloom Tomato: The Rusted Garden 2011

A video showing you a mature plant of the Homestead variety heirloom tomato. It does very well in heat and humidity. I discuss the plant. Show you the tomato…
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Question by the eliminator: will my tomatoes grow back next year after winter in CA?
I live in central CA (Santa Barbara area) I planted four different tomatoes varieties this year and they grew like crazy. I staked them with a 2×4 LOL. The main stems are really thick!!! they’re still producing even though its starting to get cold/rainy now (some of the branches are dying off and turning brown). The coldest it gets around here in the winter is 40 degrees, should I just pull them up and buy new plants next season, or will these make it through the winter? Should I hack them down to the base until next season?

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Answer by krn001
You need to plant new for next year as tomato plants are annuals.

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  1. Thanks. I know the reply is a bit late but I just added some new features
    to my old vids. I will be making a lot of profile videos this year on

  2. This is actually one of my favorites. Nice round tomatoes and it is very
    very prolific. I hope to do a profile of all my tomatoes this year. We will
    see how they year goes. Good luck to you.

  3. You are very welcome. I figured there are so many tomatoes out there that
    actually seeing them might help. I hope to make more in 2014.

  4. They are good to guy in either situation. They just are a crop that handles
    humidity if you have it.

  5. Thanks. I know the reply is a bit late but I just added some new features
    to my old vids. I will be making a lot of profile videos this year on

  6. You will like them. Lots of tomatoes and they are really tasty.

  7. what do you put in your soil, or water your plants with!!! please tell
    because they are amazing!

  8. Okay, I have watched about five of your videos from the start. You sir do
    an excellent job of describing characteristics of different tomato plants.
    Thank you for taking the time to produce these videos. I will be going
    through them one by one. Again thanks for the learning opportunity!

  9. growing these this 2013 season…..fingers and toes crossed! ʘ‿ʘ 9b

  10. Thanks for making your videos. I pick up some good tips. I like the history
    you inject about the different varieties tomatoes. Thanks, John

  11. Would this work well in Iowa? It gets very hot but it can be either really
    humid or really dry like last year.

  12. Thanks ! , this looks like a great variety for my area. I like these
    profile vids.

  13. Probably not. Tomatoes are “tender perennials”. In warmer climates they are perennial plants, but otherwise they are grown as annuals.

  14. If it doesn’t get below 40 degrees the plant may not die completely
    However, it’s best to start fresh next year with new plants and amended soil.

    I would suggest planting the same type of tomato if you enjoy them and they produce well.

    If you hack the plant back to the base that usually is the end for a tomato plant.
    As to “any” dying, brown stems and leaves…Cut them away.

  15. If your tomatoes are indeterminate type, leave them. If it doesn’t get below forty degrees f. they will produce for you again next year. Tomatoes are not tender annuals. They are perennials and in frost less climates will grow and produce for years.

  16. Hello ‘the eliminator’

    My name is Gardengail and I work at the home depot in the garden center.
    I work in the So. Calif. area, a lot of the cherry tomatoes here will overwinter well, and some of the ‘indeterminate’ tomatoes will too. The only way to tell if you have the right one to overwinter with is by trial and error.
    Do not cut the tomatoes back as this will definitely kill them.
    The next season here to plant them is in January, or as soon as they are available again.
    I use a one gallon water bottle or rinse a clear milk bottle out and use as a cover till April when the plants fill the gallon container up and then take it off the plant.You will have tomatoes a lot longer than anyone else.

    Hope this helps,

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