Tomato Profile: The ‘Orange Kentucky Beefsteak’ Heirloom Tomato

Tomato Profile: The 'Orange Kentucky Beefsteak' Heirloom Tomato

I give you the history and basics about the 1-2 pound ‘Orange Kentucky Beefsteak’ heirloom tomato. It is a late maturing tomato that will bring you a medium …
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Question by Lynn: Hey seniors, are you growing any tomatoes or other vegies this year?
With the tomato scare recently, not all states are safe for buying tomatoes. So who’s been growing vegies, and in
what part of the US?

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Answer by sutra
I’m not much of an outdoor person so I only planted 8 sweet pepper plants and 2 tomato plants. right outside my kitchen door so I don’t forget them! In centra Pa

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  1. How old is your dog? She’s very well behave, if I’m not pay attention on my
    cut tomato like you, when you turn you head back, is gone.

  2. Looks a lot like my Yellow Brandywines. Nice tomatoes. Talk at you later.

  3. They can. Though Id say the reds have the stronger tomato taste and more
    acidity. But it depends on the variety.

  4. Many tomatoes stop producing because the flowers are effected by the heat.
    I don’t know of any specific high heat producers. Most of them can muddle
    their way through the 90’s. When you get to 100 that is when most stop
    producing. But it has to be days in a row.

  5. What varieties of tomatoes produce fruit in a 90 or over degree heat?

  6. How did the Yellow Brandywines do for taste and diseases? Did the heat beat
    them down?

  7. Shes two. She came over to the video on her own. Kind of cute. I should
    have had her do some tricks. Ah well.

  8. Do yellow tomatoes taste the same as red tomatoes?

  9. I’m in NE Ohio.

    We planted zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, greenbeans, bell peppers, cubanel peppers, romaine lettuce, several types of herbs…especially basil….we make TONS of pesto and freeze it for winter, also parsley, oregano, chives.

  10. I live in CA. and we grow tomatoes and bell pepper every year. in addition to are flower garden. My husband and I enjoy are garden very much since we retired.

  11. yes we always put out a super big garden!!

  12. Yeppers, I’m trying to grow tomatoes, but I’m having some trouble. I’ve been told the ground isn’t good. I love tomatoes so much, that I really an sad. I put out 6 plants and only 2 look like they may make it. I’m heart broken.I’m in the Midwest (Ohio)and it’s past time to plant, but, I think I may have to try a couple more now. I’ll put them in a different place. I have reason to believe that my neighbors may have poured gas where I planted them. I’m not sure but I do suspect it.This was done several months ago, but It went into the ground and soaked down I’m sure.

  13. Not I. It’s not every type of tomatoes.

  14. I’m getting mine from my neighbor. I’ve been on the road and couldn’t do the garden thing this year. But, she has a bucket garden going on with wonderful veggies grown from seed.

  15. Eastern Shore of Virginia. Tomatoes, Cukes, Crookneck squash, broccoli, lettuce, silver queen corn. And Zinnias, because they look so pretty in the garden!

  16. I live in Indiana and put out a few tomato plants in patio pots.

  17. I’m growing Hubbard squash because it sprouted in the compost pile and we started to water it. It’s huge and loaded with orange blossoms.

  18. I am from Oklahoma, they did lift the tomato band off of us here saying that they were ok to eat.

    We did plant a garden with peppers of varies kinds and tomatoes but from the looks of it, we have lost them all due to the flood that we have. We still have more rain coming here yet.

  19. I can’t — the deer eat everything in my yard.

  20. I’m growing 5 different varieties of tomatoes, a bed full of white potatoes, 4 or 5 varieties of hot peppers, crookneck squash, and the obligatory 2 zucchini plants. I’m hoping to get more veggies planted tomorrow along with more annuals for color. There was a late winter here in my part of Utah so planting was delayed by about 3 weeks.

  21. Nope. I have a brown thumb. The only thing growing around here is me.

  22. I was doing it before that. Tomatoes, peppers, sugar peas & [legal] herbs. South Florida.

  23. I’m not a Senior yet but will answer anyway. I have planted four pepper plants & four tomato plants here in South Carolina. They are doing nicely but since we are in dior need of rain, I have to water them daily, with our high 90° temps this month.

  24. Just a couple of tomato plants,as there’s only me that likes them.
    We try to grow a reasonable selection of veg,just for the two of us.
    I look forward to fresh peas,straight from the pod

  25. No, I’m an avid gardener, but I prefer flowers. However if the economy continues to get worse, there may be a veg. garden in my future.

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