Tomato Profile: The ‘Russian Oxheart 117’ Heirloom Tomato

Tomato Profile: The 'Russian Oxheart 117' Heirloom Tomato

A spectacular bi-color oxheart shaped heirloom tomato that produces 8-12 ounce fruit on the smaller end and 16-24 ounce fruit on the larger end. It has a gre…
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Question by Pooh.Bear: Quick late night tomato sauce?
Im soooooo starving and all i have for red sauce is whole peeled tomatoes…..does anyone know how to make that with only using whole peeled tomatoes? is it even possible? I havnt eaten one thing in 2 days ='(

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Answer by Mattfox14
Go shoppin

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  1. I will. You just have to remind me around October when I finish collecting
    all the seeds for all my plants. I’d say I’d make a note but I’ll lose
    track of it.

  2. Oh my gosh, those look great.

  3. Why are Heirloom Tomato called Heirloom Tomato?

  4. You can order them in catalogs and I actually sell them. You can find the
    link to my blog on a video. The Rusted Vegetable Garden. I sell a handful
    of tomatoes.

  5. Thanks. It is a great tasting tomato. And the plant grows out of control.
    It does pretty well in my area.

  6. Awesome video on the Russian Oxheart Gary! And NICE 1 pounder! I really
    like the colour on them too! I am growing some Oxheart myself, all red. I
    will try and do a video on them myself… I would love to do some trades!

  7. Sure where do you live? I am moving out my 2013 seeds which are totally
    viable for years. Ill be collecting more for 2014. Anyway I have like 10
    types left. Id be glad to mail them out to you. You can email me at Just send me what you have and Ill give some a
    try next year.

  8. Beautiful tomato! Where can I get seeds?

  9. No Kidding….I feel for you and the plant! I am sure they will thrive in
    August…for us all! Yes a trade! I have about 8 heirloom tomato seed types
    right now..p.m. me and lets do some trading to grow the seed population!

  10. Great video

  11. Im growing them again this year. They are keepers.

  12. I am from Russia, I was born there and when I was about 8 I came to

  13. My oxheart this year has 1 tomato. So sad. Large but the weather and rains
    messed it up. Might be a good August for it though. Seed trade?

  14. are you giving any seeds away for this one

  15. If you go and visit my blog and keyword search heirlooms youll find a whole
    elaborate description. But basically an heirloom is a variety of tomato
    that has been around for over 50 years. Heirloom as seeds that were passed
    down generation to generation. Like antiques. Some seeds like the
    Brandywines have been around since the 1880’s. So a long history. New
    hybrids or any hybrid is not considered an heirloom.

  16. Put them in a frying pan and simmer them for a bit, mash them down so they aren’t so whole any more, cook them until some more of the water is gone, add a little olive oil and seasoning and there’s your tomato sauce.

  17. Karen has it right, mush up the tomatoes and cook them down a bit.
    Suggested seasonings would be onion, garlic, oregano, and a little sugar to make Italian sauce. To make it creamy, a dollop or two of cream or whole milk or a lttle Philly stirred in before serving. Boil up the pasta and spoon the sauce on .
    Please eat more often than every two days. It is not good for your body.

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