Tomato Rasam in Telugu, Tomato Chaaru, Takkali Rasam

Tomato Rasam in Telugu, Tomato Chaaru, Takkali Rasam

Tomato Rasam by Telugu Vari Vanta. INGREDIENTS Tomato – 3 Garlic – 3 Pieces Red Chillies – 2 Oil – 2 tsp Coriander powder – 1/2 tsp Asafoetida or hing -1/4 t…
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Question by DeAnna D: Are there any good and tasty substitutes for tomatos?
My son is allergic to tomatos. Thank you.

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Answer by Laura A
Not that taste like tomatos. And what is with the Confederate flag? The South is done…OVER!

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  1. great iam going to try

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  3. That really depends on what you want to cook. But in many dishes with tomatoes, grilled red peppers are also good. They have some sweetness to them tomatoes also get when cooked. Only if you are making a sauce you’re need to improvise, as they are not so ‘moist’ as tomatoes..

  4. grilled peppers

  5. is he also allergic to tomatillos you can try those

  6. hi,
    i used to be allergic to tomatoes too but right now its on the low side so i can only eat them sometimes (its on the scale of 2) but if u make a salad and want something sweet, use mandrin oranges ( i was also allergic to carrots so it gave me the great orange color) for the red, u can use sweet red peppers/pimentoes ( they come in tiny lil jars or even bigger jars.. they r usually found in green olives). there are plenty of ideas to use for pizza or spaghetti by making a red pepper sauce or garlic/oil or pesto/alfredo sauce. also look into some vegan cookbooks.. they have interesting things to make without tomatoes that sound so good that i never even thought of. in case u didnt already know if a product is red/ dark red check the labels for the tomato cuz some are really sneaky (bbq sauce or salad dressings) don’t be afraid to be creative!! hope that helps :) by the way do not use tomatilloes because it is a form of a small green tomato therefore related to the tomato.

  7. Meredith McCarty offers a recipe for a red sauce using carrots and/or winter squash and beets to replace tomato sauce. It is found in her book, FRESH FROM A VEGETARIAN KITCHEN, 1995, page 117.

    I haven’t tried the recipe, but she claims it is good substitute.

  8. I too am allergic to tomatoes so i substitute avocado for some things. Instead of BLT’s I have BLA’s. They’re also good in place of salsa, just mash some and put the seed back in the bowl (don’t eat the seed)
    For homemade pizza I roast a head of garlic, peel and whip with olive oil, to a thick paste, top the crust with it and whatever ingredients he likes. Bake as normal

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