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Question by Jac: homemade marinara sauce made with fresh tomatoes, not canned?
We planted roma tomatoes this year and have so many tomatoes I don’t know what to do with them. We eat a lot of italian dishes at our house. Everything that I have in my cook books is calling for canned tomatoes. I would like some recipes or links for marinara that does not use canned tomatoes. I want to make a huge batch of sauce that I can freeze in smaller portions.

I would prefer recipes that you’ve actually used. But I would be happy with even a link to a recipe you think sounds delicious.

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Answer by hambone
Use Romas the same as you would canned, however, you must peel them. Put them in boiling water for 1 minute, then into ice water. The skins should peel right off. It’s up to you if you choose to seed them, but if so, cut in half then just squeeze.

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  1. You want just a basic Marinara? I found this recipe quite a while ago, I LOVE it, and it freezes great! :)

    * Ten pounds of VERY ripe tomatoes
    * Garlic
    * Olive Oil
    * Salt
    * Sugar
    * Black Pepper
    * Fresh Basil

    Whole Tomato Version:

    The ingredients listed above.

    * Chop the washed tomatoes into small cubes (to reduce the area and cooking time).
    * Sautee ten or fifteen large garlic cloves in olive oil until they are dark golden.
    * Add chopped tomatoes and bring to a boil, stirring constantly to avoid burning or sticking.
    * Pour in an additional quarter cup of oil (or more according to taste).
    * Add salt, a heavy dusting of black pepper and about three tablespoons of sugar (depending on the acidity of the tomato you can use less or no sugar).
    * Lower heat to medium and cook uncovered, stirring regularly, until all fluid is thickened; about 30-45 minutes.
    * Remove from heat and immediately add a large quantity of fresh chopped basil. (however much you like)

    Pureed Tomato Version:

    * Same as above except that initially you cut tomatoes in half, put into a large pan and heat until softened, not necessarily boiling.
    * Run all the heated tomatoes through a Foley Food Mill to remove skin and seeds. It is important to run the tomato skins back through the mill three or four times to get all the richness out of them. This is where the flavor is.

  2. I too have home grown tomatoes, i blanched them (to remove skins)
    scooped out the seeds (they’re bitter) and fiberous innerds (tough)

    Crushed tomatoes with my hands into a big pot, turned on low heat & let them cook with a lid on (no need to add water) … you will have tomato sauce in no time… I froze mine at that point, but you could add Italian seasoning to your taste* & wa la! Marinara :-)

    if you want a chunky sauce… keep some tomatoes aside, chop them up & add to sauce once sauce is made cook for 10 minutes more

    * for a simple Marinara that I make:
    1 tsp each : dried oregano, basil & thyme
    2-3 pressed cloves of garlic,
    1/2 tsp eash salt & onion powder
    1/4 C Olive oil
    4 cups homemade tomato sauce
    1- 6 oz tomato paste if desired

    alot of people will say add sugar… but my home grown tomatoes were so sweet, I did not. You ‘ll need to taste your sauce & decide if sugar is needed

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