Tomato Rice Preparation in Telugu Vantalu

Tomato Rice Preparation in Telugu Vantalu

How to make Tomato Rice Recipe Preparation in Telugu Language. Website : Like Us : Follow Us…
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Question by robert t: where can I find recipes for salsa with no tomatoes?
I have a friend that doesn’t care for tomatoes and I need some good recipes

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Answer by Nemo
find a normal recipe and just substitute tomatoes with a mixture of yellow, orange and red sweet peppers.
or make guacamole!

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  1. nice nenu sayanthram chestha ]´╗┐

  2. looking good….´╗┐

  3. You could make a fruit salsa that way the absence of the tomatoes isn’t such a hit to the concept of salsa.


    Red onions
    Lime juice
    Bell peppers

  4. You can do pineapple and bell peppers along with onion and cilantro

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