Tomato Salad Restaurant Promotion

Tomato Salad Restaurant Promotion

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Question by Candice: Any ideas for an interesting summery appetizer using tomatoes?
I’m so tired of bruschetta, salsa, and caprese salad.. we have so many gorgeous tomatoes and I’m hosting a “thank-you” dinner on saturday.

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Answer by WU-TANG FAN
You could make GAZPACHO which is a cold soup from Spain. Perfect for Summer.

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  1. scoop out interior of medium small tomatoes. fill with any salad you like. I like tuna salad for this.

    larger tomatoes, cut in half, scoop out interior, fill with salad.

    large tomatoes for main dish for a luncheon: fill with chicken, egg, or tuna salad. serve on bed of dark green leafy stuff.

    sprinkle tops of tomatoes with finely chopped parsley and/or chives. Stick in spring of mint or whatever you like for decorating them.

  2. My mom always ends up canning a bunch.

    Maybe…tomato, mozzerella and basil pitas?
    Plain ol’ wedges of fresh tomato with a sprinkle of salt and pepper…
    BLT’s…or BLAT dip, mix cream cheese and mayo and layer in bottom of dish, then layer mashed avacado, shredded lettuce diced tomato and bacon bits.
    Sun dry them…
    Batter and fry them…
    Juice them and make bloody mary’s…

  3. Tomato Basil Squares

    hope it helps

    1 pkg. refrigerated pizza crust
    2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese, divided
    1 oz. (1/4 cup) fresh parmesan cheese, grated
    2 Tbsp. fresh basil leaves, snipped or 2 tsp. dried basil leaves
    2/3 cup mayonnaise
    1 garlic clove, pressed
    4 plum tomatoes, sliced

    Preheat oven to 375°F. Roll pizza dough out on 12X15″ rectangle baking stone to within an inch of the edge. Sprinkle crust with 1 cup of the mozzarella cheese. Set aside. Combine remaining cup of mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, basil and mayonnaise together. Press garlic into cheese mixture. Mix well. Slice tomatoes thin. Arrange in a single layer over mozzarella cheese. Spread cheese mixture over the top of tomatoes. Bake 15-20 minutes or until top is golden brown and bubbly. Serve warm.

    Approximately 130 calories and 9 grams of fat per serving. Yield: 20 servings.

  4. Make a tomato salad. Cut the tomatoes into bite sized chunks, then you take some red wine vinegerette, some fresh chopped basil leaves, a few cloves of garlic minced, some olive oil and salt and pepper. Mix it all together and let it chill for an hour or so before serving. Overnight will be even better. And remember: The basil is key. I hope you try it. Good luck, I am having a dinner party on Saturday too!

  5. WOW, I just came across a great bunch of cool new ideas for tomatoes over on the Women’s Health site from their July August issue that I have at home. They have really cool innovative ways to use tomatoes like tomato gazpacho (with orange tomates, green pepper, cucumbers, jalepenos, vinegar, etc.) and these tomato and eggplant “stacks” (with goat cheese, dijon mustard, thyme, basil and balsamic). I haven’t tried either of those but they look amazing. I did make their tomato and peach salad (so good!) and I made a variation of the tomato granita, which is a very interesting item. You actually use vinegar, olive oil and tomatoes and blend them. Then you pour it through a sifter and press out the liquid. Then you actually FREEZE the liquid and stir it as it freezes into this cool icy mixture like a sno-cone. Then you just scrape it off into little bowls and serve. You will DEFINITELY make a statement if you serve that!

    Here’s all the recipes:

    And here’s the granita recipe:

  6. Scoop out the pulp & put it a bowl

    Cut the pulp into bit size pieces

    S & P

    If you can use fresh if not dry

    Oregano, parsley, mint & basil

    Toss in olive oil and a bit of red vinegar

    Take some croutons, make you own or buy them

    Toss them in there.

    Open a can of good solid tuna

    Toss that in there

    Stuff the tomatoes with this “stuffing” and serve 1 tomato per person

  7. Here’s a few ideas:
    1. Fresh Mozarella Balls and Tomato Salad
    Mix in a bowl and add your favorite dressing-i recommend italian

    2.Slow-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

    3. Corn and SunDried Tomato Quesadilla,28548,1627864,00.html

    Also, has quite a few summer recipes involving tomatoes.

  8. Stuffed tomatoes, Balsamic roasted tomatoes

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