Tomato sambar in Tamil – side dish for idly,dosa, idiyappam, upma

Tomato sambar in Tamil - side dish for idly,dosa, idiyappam, upma

THamil virundhu channel – very simple, healthy, quick, & delicious side dish for breakfast recipes Text link in English – LINK TO SIMPLE IDLY, DOSA SIDE…
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Question by skeder: Help with Habanero salsa recipes?
Fist time i will be making some salsa and canning it. I bought six pounds of tomatoes but am tring to find a recipe. I know the dangers you can run into wit tomatoes and canning. does anyone know of a good safe recipe i could use! Thanks

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Answer by mercy
I don’t know anything about canning but why not go with putting it in jars. Then all you would have to do is sterilize and add vinegar anyway will give your salsa shelf life even though you’ll keep it in the fridge. Oh, my recipe is; tomatoes, onions, red and green bell peppers, cilantro, lime juice, pablanos, 1 habanero, vinegar, salt, then liquify in a blender, pour in sterile jars

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  1. Can add turmeric powder to the dal.the colour of the patchadi will look Gud

  2. I did this today ..very nice an very simple mam..

  3. Hello mam
    We may also add some masalas like turmeric /sambar powder…
    Shall u recommend??for ths


  4. Hi Aunty…
    Your recipes are super tasty. I’m newly married and came to US within a
    month after wedding. Intially I somehow managed to cook. But now I’m good
    enough in cooking only because of your videos. Everyday your recipes are my
    menu… Your are very simple and clear…. Keep doing :-) Great Effort :-)
    I’m gonna try this Tomato sambar Tommorrow.

  5. That is one nice recipe..thanks!!!:):)

  6. It is not the tomatoes that are the problem, it is the canning process. If not done properly, you then run the risk of bacteria getting into the jars. Tomatoes are acidic, so they are a fairly safe vegetable to can. Salsa often contains vinegar and/or lemon or lime juice also acidic. Pick a simple salsa recipes, chopped tomatoes, tomatillos, minced jalapeno pepper, minced onion, garlic and cilantro and a little vinegar and/or lime juice and oil. Add some chile and/or cumin powder if you like. If your worried about the canning process or don’t have the proper canning equipment, try freezing the salsa in serving size portions. Tomatoes get sort of mushy when frozen, so the texture may not be as good, but the flavor should be fine.

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