Tomato Spinach Rice

Tomato Spinach Rice

Ingredients-1 cup spinach,2 medium sized tomatoes, 1 large onion finely diced,1/2 tsp mustard seeds,1 1/2 tbsp soaked chana dal,1-2 medium- sized red chillie…
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Question by ~CHLOE~ Mother to 2 gorgeous boys: how to grow tomatoes…?
how long does it take for tomatoes to ripen? they’ve been a light green for ages now… how long should it normally take

does the tomato turn red before you pick them off the tree or do you pick them when they are green and they ripen by themselves

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Answer by i am a memory of my past
hey there tomato plants are easy to grow but it depends where you are and what climate you are in first of all make sure that tomatos get sunlight because i am pretty sure that vegies and fruit need that to change colour and ripen and my tomatos go red before i pick it off the plant and idk about how long it takes but i have alot of tomato fruit on my tomato plant and it is in a pot and they grow well in outdoors too

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  1. oh! it does lookr eally good. i think i am going to try this, save this to
    my favorites so i wont forget 😀

  2. noob palak ka parathao

  3. It depends if it is still warm or not where they are growing..and if you have determinate or indeterminate tomatoes..determinate tomatoes fruit out all of thier tomatoes at once then ripen, and after that they die off….They put out a “determinate” amout of tomatoes…Indeterminate tomatoes grow all season and put a few fruit out at a time and ripen as they go..this plant puts out an indeterminate amount…I will give you a couple of links concerning this..and also once your tomatos start putting out any change of color on the bottom from the green they start out with to a creamy looking bottom then light ornage you can pick them and put them in a brown paper bag with a banana ..this will make them ripen due to the banana putting off ethylene gas wich is a ripening agent..I will attach a link concerning this also..

  4. Tomatoes thrive best in warm soil and sunlight at 80F. If it’s too hot for too long the fruits drop before they ripen. If it’s too cold the fruit won’t mature at all.

    You may want to consider a small greenhouse, even a shelf that’s covered in thick clear plastic. That plastic will warm the air underneath by a good ten degrees. I will do that when it gets colder here, too. I have most of my tomatoes and peppers in pots outside.

  5. Ripening of most fruit is helped by the sun, if theyre under heavy foilage try getting them into the sun light. This will definantly help.

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