Picking our first tomatoes of the season a week earlier than usual. Cherry tomatoes ripen first followed by the salad tomato Fourth of July. The Better Boy t…
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Question by Esra: How to convince a child to eat veges?
I’m responsible for my little nephew (7.5 years) as his mother is in hospital and going to have her second baby
he eats basically junk food alot..i really want him to eat more healthy food to build up well..when we were kids we used to just eat veges without being so picky about it..but i try to convince him to have at least a slice of tomato +lettuce in his hamburger but he would pull them out

any advice?
Abdulmalik..thank u for the reminder..i will insist on the veges even more now
stop thinking too much about me hehe

Best answer:

Lace it with honey, this is what my parents did when I was little.

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  1. Oh my goodness, a sandwich with a huge, red, ripe tomato!!! My mouth is
    watering. I can’t wait either. A dab of mayo, a little salt and pepper, and
    I would not be able to stop eating them. Warm out of the garden is also
    heaven on earth. My grandaddy gave me that habit, and it’s with me more
    today, than ever before.

  2. yummmmm, I just got enough to make a 6 pint batch of salsa. Now, my plants
    are looking sick….don’t have any idea what the problem is unless it’s the
    extreme heat.

  3. Thank you for your comment.

  4. those tomatos look yummy

  5. Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  6. A lot of blooms dried on my tomato plants too and I sure haven’t had any
    dry days. I wonder what’s causing it? I’ve started picking tomatoes too. I
    have a big bowl full I need to do something with today. Well, gotta go I
    just talked myself into a tomato sandwich!

  7. Love fresh homegrown tomatoes! I just love your garden. TJ

  8. The 4th of July tomatoes are great.. I had some last year from the farmers
    market.. I would like try them next year in my garden, do you get yours in
    plants, or are you starting them from seed..??

  9. I grow them from seed. Burpee sells them. sometimes you can find them on a
    store seed rack. We grow everything from seed.

  10. Your tomatoes are looking great!

  11. The cherry tomatoes have been unusually sweet for the first tomatoes.
    Thanks for the comment.

  12. I had a tomato sandwich for lunch today. I used the salad tomatoes. Last
    night we had cukes and cherry tomatoes as a side dish. They were both
    perfect, together they were awesome.

  13. Usually the first cherry tomatoes are not as sweet as later in the season.
    Both the salad and cherry tomatoes we have picked have had great flavor.
    Can’t wait for one of my large tomatoes on a mater sandwich. Thanks for
    your comment.

  14. Jealous here… just kidding good for you! How many plants do you have in
    the ground? Linda

  15. What Sheila said… Salivating…

  16. take him to the market and let him chose which veg he wants to eat and if his a good boy then do something fun as a treat.

  17. Make something up like ” When you’ll be in school when you’re older you’ll learn that if you don’t eat vegetables worms can grow in your stomach. Vegetables can stop make sure those worms don’t appear. “. Or something of that kind. He’s 7, tell him anything and he’ll believe you ; D

  18. I am 12 and I don’t like many veges but I like lots of fruit so you could try fruit. Or say if he eats this veg then he can have some crisps or something after but if he doesn’t he won’t get any. I hope it works!

  19. Well If They Don’t Like Veggies My Moms Friend Has These Gummy’s But There Also Vitamins And Its Fruit And The Other Is Veggies … Try That And Give Them 3 A Day .
    Or The Other Solution Just Say If You Don’t Eat Them They Cant Grow Tall And Be A Big Kid . Or Just Say Like Then You Cant Have Desert Or Candy After…

  20. “when we were kids we used to just eat veges without being so picky about ”

    In that case, don’t bother about it.. look how you turned out ? 😛

    Edit :

    “i will insist on the veges even more now

    Oh God, May He help us all…

    I think the world can only handle one esra at a time… 😛

  21. Blend it as a puree, add some spices pepper and what not (nothing chilli) make sure it’s sweet vegetables, like sweet tomato. And err… put it one of those squeezy tomato ketchup bottles.

    Oh and… healthy food…

    just never let him have any junk food ever. Because the sugar high is like drugs.

    Make sure you’re exercising that sugar off of him like this:

  22. Tell him that they are for adults only and he will cry for them..

  23. As-Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh.

    In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
    All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger

    well im not to keen on vegies but i like fruit maybe try and get him to eat that or just disguise the food so that he cannot tell that it is vegetable

  24. Esra, Its a lil test for u!

    a time will come u will have ur own kids!!

  25. i’d say :
    “you don’t want any veggies? fine,no spongbob squarepants for you,darling”
    it’ll make them cry and stuff their faces!

  26. awwww .. i have zero-experience with kids .. but i was a picky kid myself and so was my sister.

    i will just share some ideas based on what i read:

    i think disguising the vegetables would be the best way.

    find out what does he love about the junk food in particular… and then just play around with it.

    if he is eating junk food from restaurants .. stop that.
    and make sure he eats stuff from home only, cz then you can control what he eats.
    flavor the vegetables nicely

    you could make spagetti for him, make the sauce from scratch lots of tomatoes, add less meat and keep it more saucy .. put in a little more chopped carrots.

    when you make burger for him,
    instead of ketchup.. finely chop the tomato and pickle and mix it together.

    this maybe a little time consuming ..
    but you could roll the vegies in between the chicken.. “stuffed chicken”

    fried chicken on a bed of cabbage .. lol .. yeah .. shreds of cabbage with chicken flavor.

    omelettes .. ahhh .. you could add stuff in the omelette 😉

    you could make honey glazed carrots .. sweet potatoes .. if he like the sweet part.
    mashed potatoes .. instead of the traditional way .. finely chop some veges and add it in 😉

    i think you kinda get my idea .. haha .. you got to secretly make him eat it.

  27. Well there are two ways….
    First: You should speak to that child and tell him that what are the advantages of eating veges and disadvantages of eating non veg.Show him pictures of obese people and tell if he wont stop eating junk food he will be like them,tell him its not wrong to eat non veg but its harmful if you eat it everyday.
    If he still doesnt listen then you must force him to eat vegetables, see its for his own good and for a healthier future.
    Second: What you can do is mix veges in his food with other stuff what he likes to eat. This wont taste bad to him plus he will also enjoy them meal and will also be good for his health.

    Mashallah this procedure solves the problem here.

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