Tomatoes and Peppers don’t make good germination buddies Sweet 100 Tomatoes

Tomatoes and Peppers don't make good germination buddies Sweet 100 Tomatoes

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Question by .: Asda ‘Smart Price’ Chopped Tomatoes in Tin?
Do you think that the ‘Smart Price’ range of tinned tomatoes at Asda supermarket contain the same nutritional value as other more expensive ranges of tinned tomatoes? There is some difference in the prices.

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Answer by Sugar Pie
nutritionally, yes, probably so.

what differs is where the tomatoes are grown. Ones grown in Italy in teh San Marzano valley are notoriously sweet and rich (Cento is one brand) and considered top-shelf for making homemade marinaras and tom sauces. But using other good ingredients (chianti, parm, fresh basil, kosher salt, etc) can make the Asda brand taste very good, too.

Buy one of each and see what YOU think. The difference in price may be worth it to some people and not to you. Just try it and see.

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  4. i dont think so the more expensive brands generally taste a lot better and have a brighter colour so i would expect them to contain more lycopene (what makes tomatoes red) an antioxidant that has been linked with reduced risk of certain kinds of cancer, primarily prostate. And heart disease, too.

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