Tomatoes: Indeterminate, Determinate & Semi-Determinate

Tomatoes: Indeterminate, Determinate & Semi-Determinate

Discussing some differences between how you grow, sucker, and care for indeterminate, determinate, and semi-determinate tomato plants. For more, check out ou…
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  1. I just put them under the plants as a mulch to keep weeds from growing in
    the planting holes in the groundcloth. They dry and shrink down so that
    they are hardly noticeable, I would destroy any infested or diseased
    leaves, If you do have aphids, spraying them with soapy water helps get rid
    of them.

  2. @TheButtonholequilt We put a stake with a hole in the top between every two
    tomato plants. The string drops from the top of the greenhouse, we wind it
    around the plant, and then tie it through the hole in the stake.

  3. great looking plants! Funny how the cat adds some air vent holes at 2:01,

  4. What time of year do you plant in your greenhouse? Do you grow anything
    besides tomatos?

  5. If I am understanding your question correctly, I don’t believe you will get
    any new leaf growth on the bottom of the stems once the leaves have been
    removed. You could still get suckers growing off the lower portions of the
    stems, but few and far between. Some people do remove a lot of the lower
    leaves, so I don’t think you’ve harmed your plants, now just start
    suckering them as directed removing only suckers and not the leaves, and
    you should be fine.

  6. Very good!

  7. do you think growing semi-determinates in containers, w/OUT staking or
    supporting would be advantageous? ie: letting them fall/grow on a bed of

  8. Check the tag on a purchased plant or the seed packet if you started them
    yourself, and they should tell you. You cannot tell by looking at a young
    plant which variety it is. If you know the name of your tomato, you should
    be able to find out which it is by checking out “Totally Tomatoes” catalog.

  9. great video! thanks.

  10. Great video! Thanks so much.

  11. Sorry I am so late in answering your question. We live in NE WA state,
    where the growing season in late and short. Our tomatoes are planted in the
    greenhouse at the beginning of April, and we have a waste-oil burner that
    we run at night through the freezing temperatures. The other crops that are
    grown only in the greenhouse are basil. peppers, and eggplant. To get
    earlier harvest we grow our first cucumbers and beans in a greenhouse or
    grow tunnel.

  12. Beautiful tomatoes! I love Cherokee Purple tomatoes. I had great success
    last year with them and can’t wait to grow them again! :-) I also enjoy
    Chadwick Cherry. That plant produced a TON of tomatoes for months! Since
    these are both indeterminate I need to make sure this year that somehow I
    can figure out how to make the cages talk enough. Well …assuming they
    grow well :-)

  13. Love your videos. They are very informative, I have always raised
    indeterminate. This year, I am going to plant determinate (Celebrity,
    Rutgers and Homestead). Is it possible to grow these without staking them?
    I will have about 150 plants of each variety. Thanks for your help.

  14. Again super informative and right to the point! Wish you would make a video
    from germination to harvest. What do you think about upside down growing
    for hobby gardeners? Can I train indeterminate plants to grow along a
    horizontal trellis? Oh here in the Philippines the home gardeners get rid
    of insects by dissolving a natural soap and spray the plant with the
    solution when it is cool in the early morning It works for me thanx again=
    keep it coming

  15. I probably “limbed up”my tomato vines (sungold) too much, before I saw your
    video. If I now cut back some of the stems, would that be beneficial? (as
    they would leaf out on the bottom, to create useful leaves for food
    production for the plants)

  16. why do you pu the clipped suckers under the planr? would you do it if you
    saw aphids on the suckers

  17. how do i know what is determinate or not.this is my first time growing

  18. How do you fasten the string at the bottom of the plant? Thanks for the
    great video!

  19. Your videos are really inspireing ! I planted about 15 diff. types of
    tomatos that my sister smiggled into Mexico for me but none of them say on
    the package whatn type of tomato they are – determinate or indererminate –
    – -is there any way I can tell by the plant itself ?

  20. @texasprepper2 It’s possible but you may lack in quality and quantity of
    tomatoes if you don’t stake at all. The plants that we’ve just let go don’t
    ripen or produce nearly as well as the ones we stake.

  21. @fatpius I don’t think your tomato quality will be as good if you let them
    fall onto straw. Our production has always been better with staking.

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