Topsy Turvy, Garden Containers, Upside Down Pots, Growing Tomatoes, Peppers & Herbs Update 5

Topsy Turvy, Garden Containers, Upside Down Pots, Growing Tomatoes, Peppers & Herbs Update 5

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July! Not much has changed. Everything still pretty healthy. Bell peppers are changing colors and the cucumbers are doing wel…
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  1. Beautiful garden i can’t wait to have a yard like that and u sure do love
    peppers lol

  2. you got a beautiful garden. I plan red savina peppers every year in my
    garden but I have not try the topsy turnvy for veggies, I will dry topsy
    turnvy next year. Thanks for sharing your video.

  3. What a treasure those vegetables are!!!! A lot of labors had done but those
    vegetable will reward you later. I’m struggling one tiny tom tomato and the
    rest I picked the branches by mistake!!!(I watched the YouTube and tried to
    pick suckers!!) and all came off!!!!My heart broken.Oh how wonderful it
    would be to be able to eat tomato from your pot!! I sign.

  4. Very nice garden you have there, lots of variety and nicely planned out.Im
    currently preparing my garden for this summer and i shall be using a few of
    you ideas lol

  5. How do you do your radishes? Any tips would be wonderful. Thank you. I see
    you have hanging baskets. Can you tell me how to plant them like that, and
    how they do? Thank you. I just want to get the best harvest we can. It’s
    our first time.

  6. @hongfah2500 Well, thanx to you for taking the time to comment on it!
    Appreciate it.

  7. @tuckerthegsp Thanks much! It’s appreciated.

  8. Very nice! I was wondering is there an advantage to growing things upside
    down as opposed to right side up? Seems like almost a wasted use of space
    on top. Would it be possible to grow things on both the top and bottom?
    Hmmm sounds like an experiment worth trying!

  9. @asasuelf Thanx!

  10. @bennywes I need to get to the point where I start doing that!

  11. how do you get the bugs and animals to not eat everything?

  12. BEAUTIFUL GARDEN!!! can I ask what month you took this video and when did
    you start your seedlings?

  13. i like this i am trying the same. i have one problem, my plant at the
    bottom seams to wither and die

  14. @partyongarth420 Yes, habaneros take the longest i believe. i think it’s
    around 80 or 90 days.

  15. Awesome work!! I’m growing a few plants myself, but as you can imagine here
    in England the weather is very unpredictable LOL thanks for a great vid!

  16. really nice,good info

  17. Beautiful and healthy veggies! With the price of food going up, what a
    blessing it must be to be able to harvest your own food from the backyard,
    huh? I’m going to attempt to grow my own peppers in my balcony. Yours look

  18. @marito001 Good!

  19. @whiggygirl You’re very welcome! If you put up any videos, holler and let
    me know so that I can see your progress, ok? Thanks for commenting!

  20. Excellent video! It shows just how much food can be grown without a lot of
    space. It also shows the viability of growing things upside down. I just
    started some upside down chili peppers and tomatoes. I also started some
    pinto beans as an experiment. I am novice Gardner. So hopefully things will
    work out.

  21. love it love it love it! all you need are some greens and corn in that back
    yard! thanks for showing, i am truly inspired! best garden i’ve ever seen!

  22. @lostjunkie36 Thanks much for the compliment. If you decide to put any vids
    up, let me know so I can see how you do!

  23. How much time from planting a seed did it take to harvest the first
    tomatoes in your garden. I am a novice too just placed a toe in these
    waters. Would cherish some advice

  24. @BEEP338 Thanks!

  25. just beautiful

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