Tuna Salad stuffed Tomato.

Tuna Salad stuffed Tomato.

Fresh Tomato, stuffed with homemade Tuna Salad, with cucumber slices on a bed of green leaf lettuce.
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Question by ragefan11682: What kind of salad do you like to get at a restaurant/bar?
Some examples taco salad, caesar salad, etc.

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Answer by jds422003
Actually if I go out to eat with my wife I try to find a place that has a salad bar,that way I get a variety of stuff.

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  1. Looks good! Good idea for those extra garden tomatoes this coming summer.

  2. Thank you, fresh Tomatoes are the best for maximum flavor, they work great
    for sandwiches, salads and omelets.

  3. Caesar with chicken on it.

  4. I like Caesar salads from Outback or the Chef Salad from my work (Lizard’s Thicket)

  5. Ceasar salad is my favorite type of salad :)

  6. I love taco bells taco salad.
    Any other salad I like french dressing on
    except Olive Garden’s , which only comes covered with Italian dressing

  7. I usually judge a “new” restaurant by it’s Caesar salad. If they serve me yellowy mushy Iceberg with some gack pre prepared commercially packaged dressing–they are so fired.I send it back If I have to tell you how to make it, I will, but don’t count on me coming back.I’ve “fired” a number of restaurants on this as they can’t get it together.I’ve been told by industry professionals that I should, not send it back but give it to the manager and say “you need to remove this from your menu.” I was told that I would help the situation better this way as “business’s and jobs are getting scarcer.”

  8. I liek salads that have a lot in them. I hate when you go out to eat and get a salad thats just lettuce and a piece of tomato.
    I love Greek Salads.

  9. grilled chicken caesar salad with italian dressing =)

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