Turkey Burger with Seasoning Salt, Tomato Jam, Green Goddess Dressing and Arugula

Turkey Burger with Seasoning Salt, Tomato Jam, Green Goddess Dressing and Arugula

This ain’t no burger substitute. At The Company Burger, 2012 New Orleans Rising Star Chef Adam Biderman does a turkey burger as worthy of a bun as any of its…
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Question by Jodie: What can I do to make my tomatoes turn red?
My heirloom tomatoes have been green for over three weeks. They STILL don’t look like they’re changing. What can I do?

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Answer by Corvato
some heirloom tomatoes STAY green. find out they style, and see if they actually change color
that being said, most heirloom tomatoes mature much slower than regular tomatoes

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  1. clip them from the vine , put them in a brown paper bag ,then keep them cool and in a DARK place.
    They’ll be red in about a week to 2 weeks

  2. Some stay green but you gotta be patient :)

    or you could always paint them 😛

  3. You can pick them and put them in a brown paper bag with an apple or a banana and leave it on your counter top for a few days. The gases from the fruit will make the tomatoes ripen. Enjoy!

  4. put them in the window bottom or were the light can get to them and keep turning them ive been growing tomatoes yrs so i should no we have a lot of different types this is why people grown them in green house’s they also need heat some do some don’t depends on the varieties we have some now im just ripening ours after 6 weeks of them getting to the size they should be hpoe this helped you

  5. Sage is right, putting green tomatoes with apples ripens them – it’s to do with the gas (?) that comes off ripe apples. Light/ dark does no good. The problem really lies in trying to grow something in innapropritae conditions – tomatoes are native to South America. Artificial conditions never suffice.

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