I planted these seeds on February 1, the first quarter of the new moon. The seeds have been transplanted into 3″ pots. March 1 was the first quarter of a new…
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Question by mommy to one: 1st time garden..didn’t bury tomato plants deep enough!?
Ok, so my husband and I planted a garden a few days ago, this is our 1st time ever planting one so we are a little new at this. My question is that I have been told that you are suppose to plant your plants to where half or 2/3rds of it is underground. We planted a bunch of tomato plants and it looks like my husband didn’t bury them deep enough in the soil. Does this matter? Will they still grow fine or how can i fix them?

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Answer by George
They will survive but you can mound up some soil around them to help them put on more roots.

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  1. Your seedlings are looking great, Lark! It looks like you have about the
    same amount of snow as us. I can’t wait for some warmer weather!

  2. Quite a variety! Do you plant summer crops outside in May or early June?

  3. Nice herbs you have growing! Herbs is gonna be the new plants for me to
    grow this season. Thanks for the germination tips.

  4. You are welcome! Just to give you an idea, my Lemongrass just started
    (about 3 days ago) to green up in the center blades. This is a good sign!
    It seemed to take so long! For a while, it looked like it was doing
    nothing, and then it greened up in the center. A few weeks later, I expect
    it will grow in the center. It takes a while but Lemongrass is very
    Also, your seedlings look amazing! Soooo healthy! You are growing such a
    wonderful variety. I just love to see so many things growing. :))) I
    especially love the little tote.

  5. Wow– you’ve got a lot started already! I’m hoping to do more herbs myself
    this year.

  6. What’s this about trimming onions? This is my first year starting them from
    seed. they’re probably 4 inches tall now.

  7. I was interested in your box sprouter and how it works. Could you show a
    video on it. 

  8. wow those radish seeds sure got bigger from the last video,now i think im
    figuring how to do the paper towel method ill try it sometime for a few

  9. As long as the tomato plants were planted at least as deep as the original soil level in the pot , they will be fine.

    Planting this way is virtually the same as direct sowing which or course works.

    Deeper planting of transplants does help with a better root system, but you should notice little difference. Your tomatoes are fine.

  10. You can fix them and replant them if they need to be replanted. If the stem seems strong and not leggy, there is no need to.

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