Vampires On Tomato Juice – Fallin

Vampires On Tomato Juice - Fallin

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Question by daisee1203: V-8 Juice Idea?
I would like to start drinking V-8 but I can’t stand the taste of vegetable/tomato juice. So, I was thinking I would add tabasco, (or other hot pepper sauce) along with worcestershire sauce and celery salt…sort of like a Bloody Mary without the vodka. Does anyone know besides increasing the sodium (I’ll get low-sodium to begin with) if it will cancel out the nutritional benefits it has to offer?
I know about v-8 fusions and I like those but I think v-8 is healthier and way less sugar. I’ll look at those again. Spicy version is spicy enough for me but I will for sure drink it cold and through a straw. Thx!
I meant spicy version ISN’T spicy enough for me which is why I want to add stuff.

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Answer by califblnd
Actually it is pretty good in beer. So is Clamato juice with a lemon sliced squeeze in it.

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  1. No you will still be getting your servings for vegetables from drinking it. Plus the nutrients will be there no matter what you add to it. I agree with you about not liking the tomato juice, so I drink the V8 fruit fusions. They have one serving of fruits AND vegetables plus the other nutrients. They are really good tasting. You can’t even taste the vegetables in them. Maybe you could give that a try.

  2. probably not, sounds like a good idea. you cant cancell out nutrition unless you chemically alter it. like if you heat it, sometimes that alters it, in that case i wouldnt know. but just adding ingredients shouldnt do anything.

    i hate v8 unless its shaken in a can and then i drink it from a straw. if i dont drink it like that i gag. i think the straw helps me suck it down so fast that i dont notice the taste, so try that too.

  3. add savory

  4. V8 actually makes a spicy version.

    Why not give that a try?

    Also, canned V8 tastes like can to me, have you tried bottled?

  5. Well, garlic powder or fresh crushed garlic is a good flavoring as long as you aren’t going on a date after you drink it. Try black pepper as well as hot sauce for more flavor. Clamato is scrumptious! It doesn’t taste like clams at all. Also, you should try the new V8 Fusion. It has veggie and fruit juice in it.
    Good Luck! :)

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