Vampires On Tomato Juice :: He(a)ven Sub. Español [HQ]

Vampires On Tomato Juice :: He(a)ven Sub. Español [HQ]

Vampires On Tomato Juice interpretando He(a)ven (Ci(e)lo) del album Fairytales, el lanzamiento del album fue en el 2013, He(a)ven ocupa el lugar numero 10 de…
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Question by Campanita: Question about Tomato Juice and Clamato Juice?
I would like to add on my diet Tomato juice but I prefer Clamato it taste better for me. Which one has less calories? Thanks!!!

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Answer by MS
Per ounce, Clamato has 14, tomato has 5.

Unless you’re drinking a ton of it, it’s still not that awful.

Maybe you can do a half-n-half to reduce the caloric intake.

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  2. Just read the labels.

  3. well look at it this way…if you’re going on a diet might as well chose to drink something you like…i mean cmon both drinks are organic and healthy =]

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