Vegetable Garden Update–Fall Tomatoes, Sweet Peas and More

Vegetable Garden Update--Fall Tomatoes, Sweet Peas and More

A walk through of my Fall Garden. I didn’t think a month ago I would have anything growing in the garden but the weather has took a turn for the better with …
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  1. Everything looks really good! I just found your videos and I will keep an
    eye out for the next one! If you get a chance check out some of mine, I
    enjoy gardening as well. Happy Gardening!

  2. @mhpgardener I am thinking of using Plastic and stay away from panels. I
    would love to be able to grow in my greenhouse like you do…..We will see
    how it works out……

  3. Real good to see that even after all the set backs you had this year things
    are coming along : )

  4. Nice tour! Good to see everything’s growing so well! Yep.. I’m trying candy
    onions in the fall for transplant as well. I had Granex transplants last
    year, had pretty good luck with them. (transplants not by seed). But yes
    ever since Webcajun’s (Donald) videos, I’ve had my eye on some CANDY! lol
    The rain we have been getting sure has helped everything!

  5. you have a very nice looking garden! i totally agree with you on the
    motivation part! i love your videos!

  6. Nice tour, Looking forward to your winter projects.

  7. Looks like you still have plenty going on down there. Working on the
    greenouse..awesome ! Are you gonna go back with panels, or switch to the GH

  8. Man.. the heat did do a number on your green house didnt it? I didnt
    realize it until i just saw the end of this video. I enjoy y’all videos…
    Im a greenhorn at this gardening stuff…my dad gardened and we canned. So
    im learning the outside part… LOVE your little rooster in the
    background.. brings back good memories

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