Vegetarian Roasted Tomato & Garlic Pasta Sauce Recipe

Vegetarian Roasted Tomato & Garlic Pasta Sauce Recipe

Get the top-rated recipe for Roasted Veggie Pasta at Watch how to make a healthy vegetarian pas. – SUB HERE! This sauce is complex, deep and bold. It is also…
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Question by jazzmine54868: Does any one the Old country buffets recipe for Cucumber tomato salad?
Does any know the recipe for Old Country buffets –Cucumber and tomato salad?

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Answer by Donnie H
get your cook books out

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  1. I am not sure what your looking for. Here is my families favorite~


    4 lg. tomatoes, cut into wedges
    2 cucumbers, peeled & cubed
    1 lg. Vidalia onion, peeled & sliced
    1/2 c. olive or salad oil
    1/4 c. cider vinegar
    1 tbsp. sugar
    1/2 tsp. salt
    1/8 tsp. oregano

    Put prepared vegetables in large salad bowl. In smaller bowl combine remaining ingredients with wire whip until salt and sugar dissolve. Pour dressing over vegetables and let stand in refrigerator about 1 hour before serving for best flavor.

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    Cucumber and Tomato Salad
    SUBMITTED BY: Tigrgrrl

    “A refreshing, light salad for any hot, humid summer day! The kidney beans and tofu make it a great main dish for vegetarians, as well. The basil may be substituted with fresh parsley or mint. Be sure to make this salad just before serving.”

    PREP TIME 15 Min
    READY IN 15 Min
    Original recipe yield: 4 servings

    About scaling and conversions

    1 tomato, chopped
    1 cucumber, seeded and chopped
    1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion
    1/4 cup canned kidney beans, drained
    1/4 cup diced firm tofu
    2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
    1/4 cup balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing
    salt and pepper to taste


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    In a large bowl, combine the tomato, cucumber, red onion, kidney beans, tofu, and basil. Just before serving, toss with balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing, and season with salt and pepper.

  3. My girls always like this super-easy, no recipe salad:

    1 cucumber, sliced – then cut those into quarters
    3-4 tomatoes, chopped
    1/2 onion, diced

    Mix with a good quality Italian dressing or Champagne dressing

  4. Here’s a link to a delicious recipe on for a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions mixed with sour cream and seasoned salt:

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