Veggie Calzone Pizza Recipe made from scratch with basil and sun dried tomato pesto [720P]

Veggie Calzone Pizza Recipe made from scratch with basil and sun dried tomato pesto [720P]

Veggie Calzone with Basil Pesto Sun Dried Tomatoes and Artichokes Dough From Scratch- Italian Food Recipe I love calzones and they are better to make than pi…
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Question by MJ leaves me Speechless.: Questions about tomato plants and seeds?
I have planted 3 packs of tomato seeds in pots and i bought a 3 to 4 inch pre grown tomato plant at walmart if all of them grow then how many tomatos will I end up having?…………. How long does it take for a seed to grow? How do you ship tomatos? What should I do will all the tomatos?
I have big beef tomato,big grape tomato, and small grape tomatos and them are the seeds. The pre grown plant is a med. tomato.
They are all in pots and when they are 2-3 inches im going to put each one in pots of their own. I live in Harrisburg IL so will they live with are weather?

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Answer by lovinthe88
You will have bushels of tomatoes. No way to know how many cause we don’t know what kinds you planted.

If you ship them you need to pick them green. Dunno how far your shipping but green tomatoes will ripen. And still homegrown picked green tastes better than storebought.

What to do? Can them, Freeze them or dry them. They are easily canned in a water bath. Refer to canning manuals for directions. You can blanch and peel them and freeze. Or just slice ’em and dehydrate ’em.

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  1. OMG , Now I’m so hungry !

  2. Hey- this was really good. The pesto sauce was phenomenal!

  3. lol the ez bake oven

  4. @divinechef ahhh…very cool, man you are one in a million! makes them that
    much more appealing!

  5. @ugotbawlz Wow thank you! Comments like yours are the reason why I made
    these videos. I’ll have to say the veggie calzone pizza not only is one of
    my better videos but one of the tastiest things I ever made. I use a mini
    DV cam mounted on tripod and then a 6 megapixel still cam and combine the
    two with iMovie and iPhoto. :)

  6. Super! Check out my other Italian recipes, if you see what you like

  7. @divinechef Thanks! The recipe was great by the way my kids snuffed it!

  8. Super! I had to list “Mediterranean Cuisine” in my tags for this recipe.

  9. @litemup67 Rated 5 in my iTunes. Double Pleasure by Chilled C’Quence.
    Always view the credits at the end for information about the music! :)

  10. The Divine Chef’s new specialty? Classic calzone with delicious
    Mediterranean veggies–delicious!

  11. This recipe is amazing!!!!!!! Thank you :) I’m eating calzone now as i type
    this……i eat calzone yesterday too lol

  12. I just wanted to say that all of your videos are VERY nice. Good editing,
    etc. What camera are you using to make your vids and how do you mount the
    camera for the videos. It is my understanding that you use a MAC and iMovie
    for the editing. Again, thanks for the great recipes and videos.

  13. That looks awesome!!!

  14. Wow OMG those calzones looks sooooooo good!I ‘m going to try to make
    this!It’s perfect for me because I am a vegetarian!Thank you!: D

  15. Truly like your video instructional style. Makes me want to run out and get
    all those yummy ingredients and start cookin’!

  16. great work Chef

  17. @litemup67 Ha they killed the calzones! Super!

  18. @Bobman101 The egg was is optional. It gives the dough a shiny texture but
    not required. I don’t know of a substitute. Thanks for watching.

  19. @divinechef THANKS for the rapid response! It would be nice to see you get
    more views! Everything looks GREAT. Keep doing what you are doing and
    hopefully you can generate some sort of revenue out of these. THANKS
    AGAIN!!! I truly enjoy watching your videos, and your avatar is clever.

  20. two thumbs up

  21. @ugotbawlz I’ve decided not to profit from youtube/google I find it
    annoying to view videos with popup ads and I would rather my viewers don’t
    see such crap on my movies. It would simply degrade such high quality vids!

  22. Who did the music for this?

  23. Is it fine not to use the egg wash? Or can I substitute it with something

  24. Looks so delicious! How do I download a piece?

  25. beautiful work Chef :)

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