*Vlog+Test* – Hot Booster Italian Tomato Soup

*Vlog+Test* - Hot Booster Italian Tomato Soup

Spontanes “Test”-video zu Hot Booster Italian Tomato Soup im Vlog-Stil = 110% unprofessionell. :) Insgesamt eine lustige Idee, aber leider nicht zu Ende geda…
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Question by : Poll : piping hot tomato soup, garden vegetable beef soup, clam chowder,or spicy chicken noodle soup ?
Note : this is just a food poll.

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Answer by becca
spicy chicken noodle soup

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  1. Spicy chicken noodle soup..I absolutely hate clam chowder.

  2. Tomato soup.

  3. vegetable beef

  4. Ultra creamy clam chowder

  5. piping hot tomato soup

    only vegan option on the list :/

  6. Clam chowder with hot rolls and butter, YUMMY. Now I am hungry.

  7. I’ve put on two stone since you started posting these questions, so i’d better have clam chowder, but make it diet clam chowder, either with skinny clams or skinny chowders

  8. Tomato soup please!
    Also, if I’m really good can I get a grilled cheese and green apple sandwich on the side? I love that with my tomato soup!

  9. Spicy chicken noodle soup

  10. clam chowder

  11. Tomato soup sounds good today. I like them all though.

  12. Ooooh I’m craving a nice, creamy, thick, chunky and rich New England Clam Chowder !!

  13. I’ll take the spicy chicken noodle soup. A great, big bowl of it.

  14. Piping hot tomato soup

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