Water water tomato!!!

Water water tomato!!!

We did a stop animation video with water and tomato sauce.
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Question by Choicie A. T.: Does anyone know how to help my tomato plants?
I have a patch of tomato plants in my garden and they look real lush and green and healthy. But when you look closer, they look a little pathetic. My leaves are shriveling up before it even reaches noon, even though I water regularly. And I have this weird bug that crawls on stems. It looks like a little brown shield. The best I try to pinch them off, they come back and come back. To top it all off, my tomatoes that grow are hard as rocks, with black spots on them while they are still green, and they morph to yellow, such a sickly sight. Is there anything on earth I can do to salvage them?
Please! I’ll try anything!

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Answer by julie ann
Throw them out and not into your compost heap. They are infected with a virus called Blight.
You can find a lot of info on line. Search Tomato blight.
Don’t plant anything in the same spot for a few years. Move your tomato plot as far away as possible. Do read up on it and better luck next year.

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  1. I think it is wicked

  2. You need to with insect killer Ortho company. you can find it in Home Depot or other Gardening Shops

  3. Before you throw them out or spray them with bug spray, try mixing a 4 oz of dish soap in a spray bottle with water and spray your plants with it. Soap is harmless to the plant and people but will kill most bugs.

    The first link below is more information on your “shield bugs”:
    The second link has lots of pictures:

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