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Wattie's Tomato Sauce  - Wattie's Red Commercial

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Question by ape54321: What do you think causing this on my tomato plants (see photos)?
Six of ten plants have this condition on their leaves. Some plants are worse than others. All of the plants have produced beautiful cherry tomatoes. Unfortunately all but the 1 tomato shown in the 3rd pic remain green and unripened. Any thoughts??? If this is a disease that requires destruction of the plants what do I do with the green tomatoes?

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Answer by Carmen
we had the same problem with our cherry tomato plants.. I think is fongus. our plants produced a load of tomatoes then the plant turned brown and started to die with the green tomatoes still hanging there. some tomatoes rotted still green. we collected the good green tomatoes and put them on the window sill until they turned red. the plants have all died now. There’s a fongus among us attacking the tomato plants and some say is all the rain we have been getting. others suggest chemicals from the nursery to get rid of the fongus. we gave up and just wait till next year planting season.

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  1. To have great tomato plants you should plant preferably where no tomatoes were grown the year before. Tomato blight is a fungous disease that first manifests itself in large, dark green wet spots on the leaves. To prevent it by spraying with maneb every 10 to 14 days from the time that fruits first appear. Blossom-end rot shows itself as a leathery scar or a patch of rot on the blossom end of the fruit. It is usually related to a lack of soil calcium and moisture and can be prevented by liming and watering. For your green tomatoes: Pick them and ripen them quickly in a warm place, or wrap them individually in newspaper, and store in a cool,dark place for slower ripening. My parents wraped their green tomatoes each year and we had ripe red tomatoes at the Holidays. Check your cookbook for ways to use green tomatoes, try them fried, they are great. Good luck!

  2. You potentially have 3 separate problems. Two of them are tomato blight and fungus (which may or may not be related) There is an inherent blight which comes with some plants and works on them as they grow (The tomatoes are still edible) Fungus and another type of blight are exacerbated by the extreme amounts of rain and COOL temperatures we have had. (Especially in the Midwest) It may be residual in the soil if you plant in pots or the same location next season. A fungicide available at garden and farm supply stores would take care of this but should have been applied early in the season. The last picture indicates blossom end rot – which is treated with a Calcium Chloride solution also available from these places. (Probably will still work this year) Next year you will be forewarned and ready. Don’t give up.

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