We are Tomato Growing Champions . . . of the world!

We are Tomato Growing Champions . . . of the world!

Yes, we were a little excited about winning “Prettiest Single Tomato” at this year’s tomato contest at The Arbor Gate. We only came in 3rd for best tasting. …
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Question by dennis: are tomatos best grown from the seed,or greenhouse grown.?
my plant is now 2 and a half feet tall when will i see tomatos,i am now getting frustrated. its a lot of ants in the soil where i grow them what can i do,because i dont want any ants in my tomatos.

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Answer by Marlane
The best ones are from plants grown from seeds. Most people buy plants, but you can start the seedling in early Spring and have plants to put in a garden. Have you seen any blooms yet? It is very possible it never got pollinated. Bees are dying. Also, deer might be getting the shoots before the fruit ever gets started. Sprinkle cornmeal on the ground around the plants. The ants eat it but they can’t digest it and they die. :)

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  1. Grow them either way……….my wife starts them in her garden window and when they are about 6” tall which is memorial day…….we set them in the garden with protection around them….I put the chemicals in the hole and powder on the ground and also powder on the plants.Right now they have been flowering for about two weeks and fruit is starting to form……..it will probably be in the middle of August when we have ripe fruit……..hope this helps……..bye

  2. if it is 2 and a half feet tall then it will be getting flowers really soon.

    seeds are great to grow tomatoes, but green house tomatoes come with flowers normally

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