Weighing vines with Tomatoes using Zebco De-Liar

Weighing vines with Tomatoes using Zebco De-Liar

After a fellow hydro-grower had a mishap with one of his setups we got to asking how much weight we were dealing with. Turns out not all that much. This Supe…
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  1. The De-Liar never lies. Well, let me restate that: It’s never lied to me.
    Ha ha. The things we learn from each other on YouTube. Many of us are

  2. I only had 1 come down but it was indoors under grow lights and it was my
    baby. Chuck had that whole row go at once. I have a single bucket hydro
    tomato plant going that will need support and it’s outside. I didn’t want
    to create a big hanging system for a single bucket. I still want to remove
    the lid without pissing off the plant. At least it’s a good thing to think
    about while I work.

  3. So, with eight buckets per row, each double vined, allowing each plant to
    sucker only once, we get 16 vines. Using the 3.5 of the loaded Rutgers
    single vine as the yardstick weight average, 3.5 x 16 equals only 56 pounds
    loaded with fruit and including the vines themselves.

  4. SleestaksRule, I have most with lids on a few with no lids at all. So far
    it’s a non issue. It might be different with copious rainfall outside. I
    find that plants can keep going and even bloom and bear fruit with very
    little nutrients.

  5. Wow, I used to have one of those growing up. Forgot all about it. What a
    creative idea.

  6. great video bro:) I haven;t seen a DE-LIAR in years :) excellent!

  7. Thanks Bruce. I was really surprised at those results too. I was thinking
    10X 4 lbs. Chuck

  8. Hey SleestaksRule, the SS 100’s were probably a bad choice but I needed to
    lower them anyway. A loaded nearby Rutgers single vine had 3.5 pounds on
    it. Yeah, it was all I could think of that might work and the cord loop
    helped secure it.

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