Willy hides cherry tomato, gets another

Willy hides cherry tomato, gets another

As Willy ran down the railing with her tomato, I thought she had dropped it waaaay down to the ground, on the bottom level of the house…but upon futher ins…
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Question by HunnieBbabie: How many tomatoes can your child eat? Age?
I remember my brother growing up would eat three or four at a time! He loved tomatoes…still does! My son is two and will not finish one!
yes I am talking about the big ones!

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Answer by Saskia V
Well it depends what type of tomatoes, if you’re talking about cherry tomatoes 1 portion makes 7, this would be 1/5 portions of fruit and veg, but i don’t know about the bigger tomatoes.

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  1. My sons 3 and wont eat a tomato, He tried 1 bite out of one and wont eat it again.

    I was the same way tho, hated them things…

  2. I loved tomatoes i ate them really often.

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