Zucchini pasta with tomato sauce (Dutch with English Subtitles)

Zucchini pasta with tomato sauce (Dutch with English Subtitles)

My first video here on this channel. I’ve used one I already created for my Dutch channel on food. I have created English Subtitles so go ahead and click on …
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  1. *Zucchini Pasta with Tomato Sauce*

    The first time I tried a raw #zucchini, I was really surprised how good it

    If I want to get a lot of vegetables in, but don’t fancy a salad, I’ll make
    this raw #pasta. I’ve never really replicated one single recipe of the
    tomato sauce and often it is much simpler than I present in this video, in
    other words just #tomatoes and #basil.

    But for you I did research and watched over 20 YouTube videos for
    inspiration. Some aspects I took from the raw vegan cuisine, such as the
    use of sun dried tomatoes to intensify the flavor and make the sauce
    thicken and others from the Italian cuisine, such as using a carrot and
    celery. Celery is also widely used in the raw vegan kitchen.

    Celery is the replacement for the salt shaker

    Especially if you have been eating low-salt or salt-free, you really start
    to taste it. Celery is a delicious flavor and excellent replacement for the
    pinch of salt.

    A clove of garlic, a green onion, I would also be fine without it, but if
    you are a fan, leave it on your ingredient list. You can hardly go wrong
    with this recipe and it remains a matter of taste so make adjustments until
    it is completely to your liking.

    For example my cousin did not like it at all, she thought it tasted like
    gazpacho, not her favorite. I advised her to add some fruit if she ever
    wanted to try it. Mango, for example is used a lot, but grapes or dates are
    also good additions, if you want a sweeter sauce .

    100 % raw too extreme?

    Why not try just part of the #recipe, for instance just the raw zucchini
    pasta with your favorite sauce. Or if you hate the idea of raw pasta, then
    use regular pasta and mix it with the raw sauce. If it’s the cold sauce
    that bothers you, warm it up a bit ( body temperature ).

    You can find the ingredient list and the read through the steps I followed
    on http://fruitfrequency.com/

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